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The Best Places to Eat in Boulder, CO

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Written by Nancy

Known for its posh fine dining scene, Boulder, Colorado boasts some of the finest of eateries and restaurants in the region. The picturesquely quaint town is located at the foot of the Flatiron Mountains and offers not just delectable delights but scenic views as well. It has gained quite a reputation for its dining options thanks in part to famous eateries such as Black Cat, Frasca Food and Wine, Blackbelly, and more.

Featuring both outdoor mountain restaurants to cozy bistros, Boulder is home to taste savvy and seasoned restaurants. If you’re planning a trip to Boulder soon, go through this list of the restaurants you should definitely dine at!


Set in a quaint and charming restored Victorian house, Lucile’s is a Creole-style café that is one of the best in town. The eatery is known for its scrumptious breakfast scene as well as the welcoming home-style cooking they offer. Offering everything from eggs Benedict to Gulf Shrimp, eggs New Orleans. French toast, and other scrumptiously delicious breakfast items, visitors should definitely check the place out.


The place is so popular for its delectable sandwiches that come lunchtime; you can expect to see a long queue of hungry customers waiting to get their fix of Snarf’s sandwiches. Made from a wonderful blend of crusty, soft bread, hot giardeineria (pickled peppers), and with a selection of pastrami, meatball, provolone, artichoke, eggplant parmesan, feta, and more; their sandwiches are truly a match made in heaven.

Atlas Purveyors

Hankering for some splendidly brewed coffee or tea? Atlas Purveyors is known for its high-quality selection of coffee beans and hand-picked teas. Whether you want a steamy espresso, iced tea, chai, or slush with boba, they have it! Atlas also has a small selection of breakfast and pastry items to go perfectly with your beverage.


Frasca is the proud receiver of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Program. The acclaimed restaurant is much loved by Boulderites for its impeccable wine selection, as well as culinary expertise. Offering cuisine inspired by region of Friuli in Italy, Frasca is an exquisite yet unassuming restaurant that serves delicious food. You can expect to find everything from pastries to Colorado lamb, fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and everything in between.

Flagstaff House

In the mood for some upscale fine dining? Flagstaff House is one of Boulder’s most sophisticated and elegant restaurants. Resting atop its lofty mountaintop perch, the restaurant offers panoramic views of the city as well as a pampering dining experience. The menu features a blend of American-French inspired dishes with hints of Asian influences. The place is known for its top-notch service and premium food.

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