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Bongs Vs. Joints — Which One Gives You A Better High?

Written by Nancy

Bongs or joints? This is a question that all smokers have asked themselves at one point or another. The method of inhaling weed smoke undoubtedly affects the smoking experience. People prefer either a bong or a joint based on their preferences and the occasion, but no one has ever been able to provide conclusive statement about the superiority of any one.

This post will discuss the merits of smoking joints and bongs to conclude on which method of smoking weed is the best.

Joints: A Classic Weed Smoking Method


Nothing has ever fascinated people like rolling up a joint and those who’ve tried it out know how difficult it is to perfect the technique. There’s a lot to be said for smoking joints because it’s a much more convenient way to get high. You don’t need to carry around a rig or a bong and all you need is a pack of rolling papers along with some weed. Joint smoking experiences depend on how well the weed is crushed and how good of a roller you are.

If you’re an experienced roller, then you’d probably find it easier to smoke a joint because it hardly takes a few moments. Joints are great if you’re going for a cruise or just sitting in your backyard to relax a little. Joints are sleek, not messy at all, don’t require too much equipment and provide a fairly decent high.

Bongs: Denser Smoke and Cleaner Hits

Bongs have an advantage over joints because these produce denser smoke and it’s a very smooth hit. The water in the bong filters out much of the impurities in weed smoke, to reduce the number of particles you inhale. Bongs are inconvenient because carrying around a bong isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, while you can just carry a joint around in your pocket.

Bongs Vs. Joints: Which is Better?


If you’re comparing joints and bongs in terms of how high either gets you, then the bong easily wins the battle. The denseness of the smoke creates a fully-enveloping haze that can get you much higher and much faster than a joint. For all, the inconvenience of carrying around a bong, it’s definitely the superior method of inhalation.

This doesn’t take away joys of smoking a joint however. Even if you don’t get as high with a joint, the charm of a well-rolled joints is undeniable.

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