Breathing Techniques To Help You through Labor!

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Written by Dylan Foster

Breathing during labor has evolved a lot during these years, right along with medical technology and birthing procedures.

Medical experts commonly recommend patterned breathing for women experiencing labor.

This technique isn’t followed the same way; some prefer deep breathing, others take light breaths and so on. Usually, experts suggest pregnant women to practice different breathing techniques and patterns, for different stages of labor.

So how should moms giving birth ease through labor? By breathing deep…

Deep Breathing Isn’t Only For Yoga

Aside from using this technique during labor, there are many benefits of deep breathing which is why it’s used by people during yoga or self-meditation. Deep breathing initiates the ‘rest and relax’ state in the body otherwise known as the parasympathetic nervous system. What happens when our body is in this state?

During the rest and relax state, the heart rate slows down, glandular and intestinal activity increase and sphincter muscles relax. These are prime occurrences for supporting our body’s ability to give birth more easily. On that note, take a look at some breathing techniques that you can try during your hypnobirthing experience.

Breathing Patterns and Techniques – the Best for Labor Are…

Just like in yoga, this state of relaxation is incredibly easy to achieve for labor. Close your eyes before starting for a moment. Focus on each inhale and exhale of your breathing. Do you notice how rhythmic your breathing pattern is?

Breathe in; take a slight pause; then breathe out. Make sure you inhale matches the exact length and depth of your exhale. Pause slightly each time you draw air into your lungs.

You may have strong contractions followed by shallow breathing. This won’t pose any issue as long as your breathing doesn’t turn into panic breathing. During pregnancy, try your hardest to practice these relaxation techniques along with the ones shown on your hypnobirthing birth plan’s videos.

It will be easier to naturally slip into these breathing techniques once in labor, only if you are used to them.

Count during Breathing

People have been using this method since a long time to help sleep better. Counting during labor is actually beneficial as this will help control your breath and allow you to focus in the act during each contraction.

Count slowly up to four or five as you breathe in. Try to make it to six or seven as you breathe out. Continue performing this technique.

The Golden Thread Method

Also called Feather Breathing, this method is practiced the most during pregnancy in preparation of labor. This method of deep breathing particularly helps when contractions get more intense. Keep your face and jaw completely relaxed, with teeth and lips slightly apart.

Now take a deep breath through the nose, all the while imagining that you are breathing in oxygen and energy into your body and your baby. Exhale slowly and gently through your mouth.

You can choose to have a relaxing and calming birthing procedure with these breathing techniques. Visit HypnoBirthing Hub for hypnobirthing techniques video, courses, books and mp3 files to learn how other mothers-to-be coped with this amazing program.

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