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Can Chiropractic Care Relieve Golfer’s Elbow?

Chiropractic Care
Written by Nancy

Despite what your doctor has told you, you just can’t believe you have something called ‘golfer’s elbow,’ mainly because you’re not a golfer to begin with!

So are they pulling your leg or is this actually a thing?

For your convenience, we consulted with professional chiropractor Dr. Kevin Merlino of Elite Wellness Spine and Sport from Hawthorne, NJ about golfer’s elbow, the symptoms, and how the pain can be healed.

Learning about Golfer’s Elbow

Known to be a classification of cumulative trauma disorder, golfer’s elbow is in many ways similar to tennis elbow.

Defined as a condition in which the person feels pain on the inside of their elbow where their elbow bone connects to the forearm tendon, this pain is often caused due to the overuse of the forearm muscles; these are the ones which allow you to flex your wrist, rotate your arm, and grip something. It’s also caused by repetitive gripping, swinging, and flexing— all moves that are often associated with golfing—which cause small tears and pulls in the tendons.

But despite the name, golfer’s elbow doesn’t just affect golfers. Any activity that involves repetitive rotation and movement of the wrist, hand, and forearm can cause golfer’s elbow. Sports such as tennis, baseball, and bowling; activities such as painting, raking, and using tools such as hammers and screwdrivers; resistance training routines that involve lifting weights and even using elliptical machines—all of these can cause golfer’s elbow.

Symptoms of Golfer’s ElbowAcupuncture

Aside from the obvious pain on the inside of the elbow, other indicators of the disorder include:

  • Weak wrists
  • Pain in the bony part of your elbow, especially if you have to have a strong grip
  • Pain when bending your wrists inwards

Considering that all this discomfort affects your musculoskeletal system, your best path to recovery is not through a general physician but through a chiropractor.

What a Chiropractor Can Do

Muscle therapy is one of the most effective methods of healing golfer’s elbow.

Often, a chiropractor will conduct treatment that reduces tightness and chronic spasms in your muscle system. In addition, they’ll apply precise tension on certain pressure points while shifting your hand in certain positions. This will not only reduce pain, but will also enable your strength and flexibility to return.

But keep in mind that your recovery time will vary. If you seek treatment a month or so after you start feeling pain, the recovery will be much slower.

Seeking Help

Elite Wellness Spine and Sport in Wyckoff, NJ offers a number of services to help people maintain and improve their muscle strength and flexibility.

From acupuncture to physical therapy and more, Elite Wellness Spine and Sport can help you regain full elbow function. To book an appointment, call (201) 652-1010 today!

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