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How Can We Prevent Chronic Neck Pain?

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Chronic neck pain has been reported to impact up to 75% of the population in various countries. National Institute of Health Statistics survey revealed that this is the third most prevalent kind of chronic pain.

While the current numbers are already high, experts have speculated that the average American population will experience severe neck pain and other chronic conditions in the coming years. In fact, diagnoses of on-going cases of chronic neck pain are increasing at twice the rate. It’s an unsaid obligation for healthcare providers to offer prevention techniques for chronic neck pain and help the community rehabilitate.

Common Causes of Chronic Neck Pain

Muscle strains

Overexertion or overuse of muscles like working long hours on a desk bent over books or using a smartphone can strain your muscles. In fact, neck muscles don’t always strain under obvious pressure like bending or slouching. An incorrect sleeping posture or gritting of the teeth can also affect its wellbeing.

Worn joints

The joints in your neck also tend to age as the years go by. The cartilage between your vertebral bones that allows smooth movement of the joints deteriorates under conditions like osteoarthritis. This development affects the bones as it forms spurs that cause pain and restrict movement.

Nerve compression

The vertebral column in our neck can suffer from herniated disks and consequently affect the nerves extending from the spine. Nerve compression is another form of pain that can aggravate to a chronic extent.


Car accidents or sudden jolts can cause deep-set injuries in the soft tissues of the neck. Approximately, 40% of automobile accidents have caused debilitating injuries that have contributed to over 3 million cases of injuries in the US.

Sleeping posture

Ways to Prevent Chronic Neck Pain

Try a New Pillow

Even though there are some hard and fast rules about which pillow is best for your neck, you can figure out your own requirement through trial and error. Remember to go for one that maintains a neutral alignment of the cervical spine, which means you support the curve of the neck. Some might find comfort in a flat pillow while others might like to fluff up their headrest.

Sleep on Your Back

Even though sleeping on your sides isn’t necessarily dangerous, but try to sleep straight on your back to lengthen and rest the spine. Make sure that while you’re lying in this posture, your head is not higher than the rest of the body because that misaligns the spine.

Computer Screen at Eye Level

People who have desk jobs have often complained about neck pains that can aggravate chronic conditions. The root cause is looking down at the screen if it’s not at eye level. In order to maintain the health and wellbeing of your neck, you need to adjust the height of your screen so that it’s at eye level.

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