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Can Shoes Be A Contributing Factor To Back Pain?

Back Pain
Written by Nancy

80% of adults are subjected to back pain in their life. Little habits like sitting too much or standing on one foot can have negative impacts on your back. Back pain management requires immediate treatment supplemented by a change in life style.

Your body is connected from within; muscles, tissues, and nerves act as transmitter device. If one part is in pain or discomfort, other parts of body will feel it too. Similarly, there is a connection between your feet and back. If you walk around in uncomfortable shoes for too long, your back is going to feel it.

How Can Shoes Cause Back Pain?

  • If the shoes you wear are inappropriately shaped, this could be bad for your back. When you wear heels, the center of gravity shifts toward the front of your foot. This sets your entire body in an unnatural angle; your pelvis moves forward to offset the imbalance the heels have created. This puts an additional burden on your back, which can lead to sever back pain with overuse.
  • If shoes don’t provide sufficient support to your feet, and manipulate your posture in the wrong way, it can be harmful for your back.

Impact Of Different Shoes On Your Back

High Heels

High heels may look stylish, but they take a toll on your feet. They move the center of gravity to the front of your feet. This puts a lot of stress and strain on your spine. Wearing heels that are higher than an inch can have a negative impact on your posture.

The additional height tilts you forward, causing a hunched back. Apart from this, exerting pressure on your forefoot can even cause knee pain.


It’s a generally accepted notion that, flats are the safest footwear. That being said, let’s look at the effect it has on your back.

They are made out of thin material that doesn’t provide support and cushion to the natural arch in your feet. This increases their contribution to back pain around 25% more than high heels.

Flip Flops

In order to make flip flop frictional, you need to tighten your toes to prevent them from slipping of your feet. This makes your walk unnatural—you’re using too much of your toes.

Moreover, flip flops fail to provide adequate support to your feet.

What To Look For In A Shoe?

Your feet are designed in a way that they absorb the shock that is created from activities like walking or running. You need to buy shoes that support your feet in this function. You can get rid of your back pain with the right shoes; here is what you need to look for:

  • Shoes that control movement of the foot while you walk or run.
  • Shoes that keep the burden off your heel and toes; and allow the mid foot to touch the ground instead of heel.
  • Shoes that provide sufficient support and cushion to your feet, and allow you to maintain good posture.
  • Shoes that are made out of good quality material like graphite and plastic.

Question You Need To Ask Yourself

Before purchasing your pair of shoes ask yourself these questions.

  • Are your feet flat, normal, or high? To determine your type, examine your foot print.

Wet your feet and step on a paper. If the arch region is filled by half, you have a normal foot; if it’s completely filled in, then you have flat feet.

Lastly, if your print has no impression of an arch then you have a high arch.


  • How long will you be wearing the shoes? Its purpose?
  • Does the shoe provide comfort, support, and space for all your toes?

A wrong shoe choice can be bad for your back. Get to know your feet and back better with the help of Divergent Health Group’s pain management services. They provide variety of services such as, chiropractic, massage therapy, spinal decompression, and many more effective pain treatments. Call 4039098111 to book an appointment

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