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Can Stem Cell Injections Be Used For Sports Injuries?

Written by Nancy

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 17,655 Canadians were hospitalized because of a sports injury in 2017.


Apart from being extremely painful, sports injuries are also quite frustrating. They can have you on bed rest for months, taking you out of the game and limiting your ability to play for a long period. Caused mainly due to collisions, odd muscle movements, or overexertion, these injuries can take a long time to heal and may require extensive rehabilitation procedures for full recovery.

Types of Sports Injuries

While sports injuries can affect any area of the body, they mostly affect the musculoskeletal system. In fact, nearly 35–55% of sports injuries are soft tissue skeletal injuries, resulting from direct impact or indirect exertion of the muscles. These may be grouped under four main categories:

Bone injuries: These include bruises and breakage of the bones, particularly fractures.

Soft tissue injuries: These involve bruises and tears of the ligaments, cartilages, muscles, and tendons.

Joint injuries: These commonly refer to joint dislocations or subluxations.

Overuse injuries: These are soft tissue or joint injuries that are caused due to repetitive activities.

Stem Cell Therapy: An Alternative?

Conventional treatments for sports injuries typically involve physiotherapy and surgery. These are significant methods with serious risks and complications. Moreover, they’re not always effective in healing the affected region and take a very long time to show results.

Several studies and research have pointed out the benefits of using stem cell therapy for acute or chronic sports injuries. This innovative form of treatment helps in speeding up the healing process and reducing recovery time, providing pain relief, reducingscar tissue, and stimulating the healing of structures that couldn’t be healed through other methods.

Patients who receive stem cell injectionsnotice a vast improvement in their condition within a few days. The injections work fast, alleviating pain and soreness and increasing the person’s mobility. The procedure itself is minimally invasive, posing little to no risks on the patient’s health unlike surgery and extensive physiotherapy.


Who Is Stem Cell Therapy For?

While anyone with a sports injury can benefit from stem cell therapy, it’s particularly helpful for individuals for which other forms of treatment haven’t worked. Patients who haven’t responded well to medication or invasive procedures are recommended to opt for this risk-free method.

In addition to this, stem cell injection therapy is highly recommended for athletes who want to avoid a lengthy recovery period and resume play as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the injury, the healing process is gradual and may take a few weeks. However, the results are still much quicker and efficient as compared to conventional treatment methods.

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