What Causes Hair Loss?

Written by Nancy

What’s the biggest fear of men all over the world? Hair loss, of course! Sure there are some people who can carry off the bald look (Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham), but for the rest of the general population, pulling off a bald look is incredibly tough.

The problem isn’t just limited to men either. Women too face these issues and it has a significant impact on their overall self esteem. Let’s find out why hair loss occurs in the first place:


Genetics is one of the reasons because why your hair might fall of. If your parents had thin hair then chances are that you too will face this problem.

What happens is certain hair follicles, that are sensitive to male hormones (Androgen), shrink and produce shorter hair with each cycle, resulting in a balding experience.

In women, an excess of oestrogen leads to hair loss. Again it all also depends on your genes and how sensitive the follicles really are.


You must have heard that stress can also lead to hair fall—it’s not really a myth. It’s a fact. Stress raises Androgen levels in your body and triggers scalp problems like dandruff. It also affects your digestive system.

hair loss

Lack of Iron

Hair loss is also directly connected with your diet. This is especially a problem among women who might lose hair because of iron deficiency.

This is because iron consists of the essential proteins which are responsible for promoting hair growth.

Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight and that too in a short span of time can also lead to hair loss. Your hair is the first part of your body that shows signs of nutritional deficiency. This is just another reason for you to avoid crash diets and opt for a balanced diet instead.


Changes in your body too can lead to hair loss. In women, it especially becomes a problem before and after menopause.

You also need to understand that your hair also gets older with you. As it gets older, it also becomes finer and you need to start taking better care of your hair in order to prevent it from falling.

Lack of Vitamin B12

Feel tired and exhausted all the time? It’s a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency. It doesn’t just cause fatigue. Vitamin B12 deficiency also leads to hair loss. This happens because it affects the red blood cells.

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