Your Child Can Still Catch Lice In The Summer

Your Child Can Still Catch Lice In The Summer
Written by Nancy

It’s that time of the year when your child can finally blow off some steam. Summers are the time to let go of the stress that comes with school and just relax. For the next couple of months you can forget about telling them to get to bed on time or waking them up early for school.

Although your kid is off school, they still can catch lice. It’s true that kids mostly catch lice in school but in summer, there are plenty of other ways for lice to make their way onto your child’s head.

Let’s take a look at how lice can spread in the summer:

1. Summer camps

summer camps and lice

Kids love summer camps. It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends, memories for a lifetime, learn new activities and get a taste of the independence.  During summer camp, your kids will also have to learn how to look after themselves.

Unfortunately, lice enjoy summer camps as much as children. Your child will constantly be in contact with other kids; if one of them has lice, it won’t take long for it to spread onto others in camp.

2. Swimming pools

swimming pool and lice

Being submerged in chlorinated water (or any kind of water) doesn’t affect lice. The chlorine temporarily immobilizes them but it doesn’t kill them. Lice can survive in water but they won’t swim their way onto their child’s head. So how do lice spread at pools? They may not spread in pools but they spread when they come out.

Once they are out of the water children fling their hair back and forth before drying their hair with their towels. Lice can easily walk on to towels, hats and brushes – all of which are used by children at pools.

3. Sleepovers

With summer come sleepovers. Just like in summer camps, kids sleep near one in another with and share bedding and sheets – perfect for lice to crawl on to and spread from head to head!

4. The playground

Professional Lice Removal Services

Playgrounds are great fun in the summer but just like camps, pools and sleepovers, your kids are in close proximity with other kids. Head lice can fall on to swings, slides and other places where kids play.

The best way to prevent your kids from catching lice is to take precautionary measures. Before you send them off to summer camp, tell them not to share their brushes, towels, pillows and caps. When they’re with you, tie up their hair in a ponytail or a bun to reduce the surface area.

Performing weekly head screenings will ensure that your child is protected against lice-infestation.

If you do spot lice or nits in your child’s head, don’t panic! Call up professional lice removal services to take care of it. Your child will be lice-free in no time!

Lice Troopers provide professional lice removal services including in-home lice removal, home cleaning & inspection and camp & school screenings. They also have lice treatment centers in Winter Park and Orlando where they use all-natural products and advanced technology to extract lice and nits. Call 407-801-6045 to book an appointment at in the  lice treatment center Winter Park and 407-893-3940 to book an appointment at their lice treatment center in Orlando.

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