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Does Your Child Need Foot Orthotics?

Foot Orthotics
Written by Nancy

Foot orthotics are shoe supports that provide an extra cushion to the pressure areas of your feet to help you stand, walk, and run comfortably. Foot orthotics are typically custom-made and inserted in the shoe. They can be bought ready to wear or they can be custom made.

Foot orthotics are not only effective at relieving foot pain but also correct an irregular walking pattern. If your child is complaining about foot and knee ache again, there are high chances that they might need foot orthotics to help them walk without pain

Here are 4 indicators that can help you decide if your child needs foot orthotics:

Your child has flat foot even after ages of 6

According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, flatfoot is common for children under the age of 6. The foot’s arch develops as the child grows; however, in some children, it never fully develops which causes foot abnormalities. If your child has pain or sores or is complaining about the restricted movement of their feet, they may need treatment using foot orthotics.

They have in-toed feet

In-toed feet are turned inwards due to muscular imbalance. When your child walks or runs, you will notice that instead of their feet being straight, it turns inward. While it’s normal for children to have in-toed feet until 8 years of age, it can cause pain and swelling if it continues into their adulthood.

They resist physical activity due to painFoot Pain Relief

It’s not normal for children to have excruciating pain in their legs and knees. Kids are full of energy and love physical activities, especially sports. If your child’s pain is keeping them away from doing what they love, it can not only cause physical complexities but also disturb them emotionally.

Your child walks irregularly

When a child learns to walk, it’s normal when they tip or fall down. However, according to Boston Children’s Hospital, if abnormalities in a child’s walk do not correct themselves over time, they need medical assistance. If you see your child often stumbling, even when they have started going to school, they need orthotic help.

What should you buy: readymade or custom made foot orthotics?

There is a huge variety of readymade foot orthotic devices available in the market for foot pain relief. But poorly fitted orthotics can worsen your child’s pain and lead to further complications. So it’s recommended that you get custom foot orthotics from a reputable health clinic. If you’re based in Calgary reach out to Divergent Health Care. You can call them at 403-909-8111 for a free consultation.

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