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How to Choose the Best Shoes for People with Diabetes

Diabetic people are at high risk of damaging the nerves in their feet. Their feet are also vulnerable because of impaired blood circulation. Moreover, both impaired circulation and nerve damage can cause the wounds recovery to decelerate, risking infection.

Dealing with diabetes is tough as is, adding ill-fitted shoes to the mix can only make things worse. However, finding shoes that support your health and look good isn’t impossible.

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Here are some things you can consider when choosing shoes for people with diabetes:

1.   Helps Relieve Pressure

Cushioned shoes can help relieve the stress from the bottom of your feet, reducing the chances of getting ulcers or blisters. Also, to make the shoe more comfortable, make sure to wear padded socks.

2.   Protects the Entire Foot

Diabetic people should avoid wearing flip-flops or going barefoot. Try to go for lightweight shoes with a flexible material like leather or suede.

3.   Wearable For Hours

When buying new shoes, take them for a test jog. Wear them for a few hours and assess the way your feet feel.

However, when going out for an entire day, always keep an extra pair of shoes.

4.   Appropriate Size

You must regularly measure your feet even if you think they haven’t changed. Small shoes can cause rubbing and result in painful sores. It’s recommended that you should have at least ½ inches of gap between the toes and top of the shoe.

Types of Shoes You Should Avoid

·        Pointed Toes

While you might find them cute, they tend to reduce circulation and restrict your toes.

·        More Than 2 Inches Heels

Wearing heels provide minimal support, so it’s essential to only wear them when necessary.

·        Old Shoes

It’s wise to not wear old shoes that don’t fit you. They can cause blisters and can just be plain uncomfortable.

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