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Chronic Pain: What Causes This Problem?

Chronic Pain
Written by Nancy

Chronic back and neck pain are common conditions that people all over the world face. Its impact on a person’s physical as well as mental well being is well documented.

Just take the example of the United States. In that country, pain affects more people than diabetes and heart problems combined. It’s also considered to be the main way Americans access the health care system.

Why Do You Feel Chronic Pain?

Pain is your body’s way of indicating that something is wrong. In scientific terms, pain refers to signals that are generated by your brain. They travel to different parts of your body through the nervous system and turn on the pain sensors in the affected area.

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The sensors then send electrical signals back to the brain which processes the signals and sends the message that you are hurt.

Normally, these signals stop once the pain is resolved however that doesn’t happen in case of chronic pain.

The thing about chronic pain is that simplest things like poor posture and lack of sleep can lead to chronic pain. Furthermore, sleeping on a low quality mattress and traumatic injury too can lead to pain.

Being overweight too can lead to problems like chronic pain. This is because the additional bulk puts a strain on your spine. It subsequently also leads to additional issues like herniated discs.

Conditions That Lead To Chronic Pain

There are several conditions which can lead to chronic pain. Some of these include back problems, arthritis, and infections. Chronic pain can sometimes be a sign of a bigger problem like stomach ulcers and cancer.

The level of pain to varies. It can be either mild or severe. There are some cases in which the pain just comes and then goes.

When you are suffering from a condition like this, you’ll also notice certain symptoms like throbbing, burning and stiffness. You might also struggle with finding the energy to do simple tasks. It also affects you mentally and people around you might complain about your mood swings.

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Chronic pain also impacts your self-esteem and leads to further problems like depression and anxiety. You feel frustrated all the time and your stress levels also increase.

This is also dangerous because it means that you are also prone to heart diseases and other ailments.

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