Common Causes of Hair Loss

hair loss causes
Written by Nancy

Are you afraid to do a hair whip?

Avoid brushing your hair?

Secretly being envious of Rapunzel?

Well, it’s time to join the hair-loss support group. On average, a person loses up to 100 hair per day, but if you notice an increase in hair fall, visible bald spots, or hair thinning, immediately consult a doctor.

So, let’s determine the various causes of hair loss.

Stressful Events

Trauma from an accident, pregnancy, surgery, or sickness can cause hair loss. This type of hair loss may be temporary and can be managed with rest and proper medication. Generally, the hair follows a pattern of: growth, rest, and shedding phase. When your body is under stress it disrupts the hair life cycle, increasing the duration of shedding phase.

Vitamin Intake

Vitamin intake is good for your body but access can do more harm than good. Likewise, high doses of vitamin A medicines or supplements will cause hair loss. So, stop any kind of self-medication and consult a dermatologist, if necessary.

Protein Deficiency

hair loss

If you are depriving your body of proteins from eggs, meat, and fish, then you may trigger hair loss. Your body starts saving protein resources and stop unnecessary growth function, like hair growth. You can reverse this loss by maintaining a balanced diet.

Male Pattern Baldness

This hair loss is specific to male, caused by genetic and hormones. Males start losing hair in the temple region, following a shape of M.

This type of hair loss can be slowed down by medication or other surgical methods.

Hair Heritage

Androgenetic alopecia is female-pattern hair loss. In women, hair loss starts with thinning and widened hair partitions. The incidence of hair loss is high among female who have a history of hair loss in the family.

Like men, women can opt for medicines and surgical methods to slow down the hair loss.

Emotional Stress

Emotional events like job stress, death, divorce, or downsizing, may disturb your hair life cycle. This escalates the already persistent hair loss.

Iron Deficiency

This problem is highly prevalent in women, due to insufficient iron content in their body, they tend to develop anemia. This causes lack of blood supply to your scalp, causing hair loss.

After a blood test, your doctor can determine this issue and provide proper medication.

Dramatic Body Transformation

Weight loss is good for your health, but if this reduction happens dramatically, it takes a toll on your hair. This type of weight loss is stressful to your body and may trigger hair loss. You may recover within 6-7 months.


If you have an underactive thyroid gland your, growth, metabolism and development hormones are not efficiently produced. This causes hair loss.

A simple test can be conducted to determine thyroid, and with medication your can reverse this hair loss.


hair careHair loss with age is inevitable; with time, your hair will stop growing and become dormant and grey. But with right diet and treatments you can age gracefully.

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