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Common Challenges in a Product Liability Case—and How a Lawyer Can Help!

Common Challenges in a Product Liability Case—and How a Lawyer Can Help!
Written by Nancy

Countless Americans have suffered due to malfunctioning or defected products. The country has witnessed a fair share of product liability cases over the years. Needless to say, such incidents have increased injury statistics as well.

However, the injuries sustained from such an accident can vary in intensity. It can cost you lost days from work, medical expenses, and suffering—all of which need to be compensated by the defendants.

However, seeing the case through has its own set of challenges. The manufacturers and their insurance providers may have deep pockets and might resist offering a fair settlement for the damage caused. There are chances that they might deny the defects in the product or blame another party.

A seasoned attorney is trained to dodge such curveballs. They understand the sensitivity of the issues and will do their best to guard your rights. Here are some challenges that you can expect to arise.

Proving Losses

A defective product may not injure you right away but put you in harm’s way. But a close call is not the same as suffering an injury at the hands of the product. The challenge here is a lack of evidence to file a liability case. You need proof of medical injuries or financial losses to support your case. An attorney can help you find those to substantiate their case.

Proving Defects in the Product

Unfortunate accidents can happen while handling products. They can leave you with lasting injuries too. But the injuries are not proof of alleged defects in the concerned product. The accident might just have been triggered by other reasons such as lack of safety protocols.

For instance, if a power tool falls off and hits your head, it doesn’t seem like a defect in product but rather, the poor placement of it. Your attorney will have to make a case for faults in the product designs that can account for the fall. Even the absence of a warning label on a product can bolster your chances of winning a liability case.

Common Challenges in a Product Liability Case—and How a Lawyer Can Help!

Retaining Evidence

The reported product—that caused the accident—may have perished in the accident. Since it’s critical to the investigation, the absence of the product will be a problem. Saving the remnants of the damaged product can save your attorney the hassle of proving your case in court.

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