Common Reasons for Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries
Written by Nancy

How many promising careers have ended because of sports injuries? The answer to that question is countless. Athletes, in general, have limited shelf life and injuries only make things worse for them.

Just take the example of Gordon Hayward. The man had to sit out an entire season because of injury. He has come back since then but only time will tell if he will be as good as he was before the injury.

Usually, when an athlete gets injured, people claim that it was because of a freak accident or bad luck. However, that’s not always true. Sometimes the following too can lead to serious injuries:


Athletes are always pushing to get better at their craft. They are told from the beginning of their careers that would face strict competition and need to push harder if they want to make a place for themselves.

Chiropractic Care

The problem is that in addition to training and diet, your body also needs proper rest. Without proper rest, your body becomes prone to injuries. You might notice a few signs when that starts happening.

For example, you will feel tired all the time, you’ll struggle to fall asleep, wouldn’t be able to concentrate on work and will struggle with exercising. Another sign of overtraining is an increased heart rate while you are resting.

This is why resting between sessions is so important.

Over Using Muscles

Applying too much pressure on a specific muscle or part of your body too can lead injury. This problem develops over time but can lead to issues like tennis elbow, throwers elbow and jumpers knee.

Physiotherapy in Calgary

Initially, you will just feel pain in the affected area. However, after some time the affected areas will start swelling and bruising.

Not Warming Up

Lack of proper warm-up is another reason why you can get injured. The whole point of a warm-up routine is to increase the temperature of your body and prepare it for rigorous training. It increases the blood flow in your muscles.

Not only does a proper warm-up prevent injuries, but it also enhances your performance levels.

Bad Form and Poor Technique

There’s a reason why trainers place so much emphasis on proper technique and form. The problem is that poor form can only make the injury worse over time. Simple things like using the wrong equipment and clothing can also lead to serious injuries.

In order to relieve pain, athletes can also turn to chiropractics and physiotherapists for treatment. This is where Divergent Innovative Health Care comes in.

They offer chiropractic care along with other services like physiotherapy in Calgary. You can contact them at 403-909-8111.

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