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Cosmetic Dental Procedures for a Picture-Perfect Smile on Your Big Day

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Cosmetic Dentistry has gained popularity over time, from teeth whitening, reshaping, remodeling, and replacing teeth. Dentists have more tools and methods than before to improve your smile. However, it’s also necessary to know the risks, benefits, and expectations from these procedures. Choosing an experienced dentist is essential since not all dentists have experience in cosmetic dentistry. 

If you’re planning to get married, but you’re conscious about your smile. You must be considering getting cosmetic dental procedures to perfect the smile for the big day. In this article, we’re going to discuss the cosmetic dental procedures for a picture-perfect smile on your big day. 

Teeth Whitening

As we grow older, our teeth can become dull or stained, especially after smoking and drinking. Consuming foods and drinks such as coffee or tea can also result in discolored teeth. Your dentist can use one out of two ways to bleach your teeth. Either through an in-office procedure or providing the system that we can use at home.

Your dentist can customize a mouth tray for you that makes sure that desired quantity of whitening solution reaches your teeth. Most people prefer performing teeth whitening at home because of the convenience, but it takes two to four weeks based on the strength of the chemical used. However in-office whitening procedure gets completed within two hours.  

Everyone should keep in mind that whitening products can’t keep our teeth clean. It is still essential to take care of your teeth and not expose it to substances that develop stains and dullness. Teeth-whitening is one of the most common procedures that most people get done before marriage.




If you notice any spaces between your teeth, have chipped or stained teeth, crooked or poorly shaped tooth then Veneers are meant to fix these issues. With time everybody notices their teeth start developing stains or get chipped due to grinding; or trauma to the jaw-breaking of your teeth. Veneers are shells for your teeth to hide the shortcomings and provide a superior appearance. 

Before carrying out this procedure, your dentists take an impression from your teeth, perform scaling and buff your teeth before placing your veneer in place. A powerful beam of light helps to harden the cement that sticks the dental veneer to your tooth. Since porcelain veneers are most bio-compatible, they are favored over traditional dental veneers. Since they create them in the laboratory, you need a second visit to the dentist before you have them inserted. 


Crowns are what car covers are to cars. They work like caps by covering and protecting the tooth, restoring the ordinary appearance of your tooth. Crowns are required for the following reasons: 

  1. Cover teeth with large fillings. 
  2. To cover a dental implant.
  3. Cover a tooth that’s had root canal therapy done. 
  4. Protective weak teeth
  5. Keep a dental bridge in its place. 
  6. Restore a broken tooth 
  7. Cover discolored or worn teeth. 

Crowns are manufactures of metal, ceramic, or resin materials. Because they are costly, your dentist will only suggest crowns if other procedures or methods aren’t delivering the desired result. There are times where the dentist can make a temporary same-day crown while you wait for the permanent crown. Permanent crowns have a long life if they receive proper care. Dental crowns are also famous for pre-wedding adjustments. 


Bridges are rooted partial dentures that replace your missing teeth with an artificial one. Dental bridges are made of porcelain, gold, alloys, and combination. Bridges anchor on the surrounding teeth and prepare for the crown. Your dentist joins a false tooth and cements the bridge onto the prepared teeth. 

However, it is essential to note that the success of this procedure depends upon the foundation laid and your oral hygiene habits to keep it healthy. If you have minor teeth issues and want to get them fixed before your big day, bridges are a good alternate.

Dentistry jaw practice


Enamel Shaping and Recontouring:

Enamel shaping and recontouring involve contouring or removing the tooth enamel. This procedure can be done before your marriage to create a more balanced look for your smile. Recontouring is one of the quick and painless procedures in cosmetic dentistry, and the results are almost instant. 

Reshaping and recontouring is used to improve: 

  • Overlapping or chipped teeth 
  • The irregular shape of teeth 
  • Minor bite issue
  • The length of canines (our pointy teeth on both sides)

Recontouring also helps with overall oral health by eliminating the overlap between teeth in which plaque or tartar can build up. A recontouring procedure that is done alone without any other cosmetic procedures doesn’t need a follow-up mostly. You can get this procedure done for your big day if you have healthy teeth and gums, but there’s enough bone between them. 


People of all ages around the world benefit from braces. Braces not only improve crooked teeth, but they can also improve an uneven bite and correct jaw positions. Braces can even improve jaw joint disorders. They are worn to reposition the teeth by applying pressure, but if you’re planning to get braces for your wedding, you should do so at least 12 to 18 months before the big day. 

However, if your corrections are slight, then an alternate of aligners, known as Invisalign exists. They are transparent, and your dentist reshapes and replaces them every two weeks to gradually move your teeth. Unlike braces, you can take off Invisalign while flossing, brushing, and eating. They are not only discreet, but they’re convenient as well. 

Dental braces installation



A dental implant is a complicated and most expensive cosmetic procedure, but it’s a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. They are implanted surgically into the jawbone. Implants are a better alternative to bridges that anchor on other teeth and detachable dentures that rest on our gums.

Dental implants have three parts: 

  • Titanium metal, which gets fused in the jawbone 
  • A dental abutment that fits on top of the implant and sticks out from the gums.
  • Crowns are crafted by your dentist for a natural tooth-like outer shell. 

You can get an implant for your big day if you have a missing, chipped, or crooked tooth if you’re looking for a permanent solution. 

If you’re in Santa Clarita and want to perfect your smile for your big day, book a consultation today with the top dentists in town. Experts in cosmetic dentistry will review and examine your dental issues and suggest the best route for treatment. Copperhill smiles offer the best cosmetic dentistry at affordable rates. 

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