Creating Your Own Nootropics Stack: All You Need To Know

Written by Nancy

So you’ve heard about the super drugs and want to create a stack of your own? You’ve probably done all the research you can to learn about the benefits of nootropics. But when it comes to creating your own stack, there are a lot of unnecessary mistakes that can be avoided.

Here’s what you should do:

Don’t Combine Them

Remember that in order for a stimulant to be considered a nootropic, it shouldn’t have any side effects. But that doesn’t mean that you should combine nootropics.

This is because while they may be beneficial individually and probably won’t have side effects, the same cannot be said if they’re taken together.

Take one dose of one nootropic separately. Make sure to consult your GP before you self-administer the doses. Your GP will know how many nootropics you should take and what the right dose should be.

Go With Nootropics That Can Benefit You

While it can be exciting trying something new, remember that you should only take nootropics that are beneficial for you. Don’t go with just about anything or everything that’s available.

Find out the right dosage for the nootropics you want to take. Research their benefits. Different nootropics have different benefits.

For example, adrafinil, phenibut, and L-theanine are good at improving memory and regulating mood. They’re also great for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Other nootropics might not offer the same benefits. Some are good for improving concentration and alertness.

So, make sure to pick the nootropics that are can help with the symptoms and problems you’re facing.

Supplements VS. Capsules

Last but not least, make sure you know whether the nootropics you’re getting are capsules or supplements. Make sure to consult your GP to figure out whether you should go for supplements/tablets or for capsules.

All of this can also depend on your weight, height, age, and body type.


Nootropics can be extremely beneficial when taken in moderation. They can help improve memory, concentration, and can combat other ailments.

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