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Critical Differences Between Medical And Commercial Cleaning

When cleaning, it's essential to wear gloves regardless of the environment. This helps prevent the transfer and transmission of viruses and bacteria.
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For professional cleaning companies like Queenan Cleaning Services that offer both medical and commercial cleaning services, it’s important to educate clients on the key differences between both types of cleaning.


There’s a lot to understand about both types, so let’s break down a few major differences:


The nature of the environment

Offices and restaurants are commercial spaces that see relatively less traffic and footfall, and people in these spaces are generally healthy and well. Hospitals and clinics, on the other hand, see a lot of traffic from sick, vulnerable, and at-risk individuals.


The cleaning approach required for both of them varies immensely, keeping in mind the needs of those who visit these places. Despite the increased demand for disinfecting and stringent standards due to COVID-19, office spaces are still less demanding and risky than hospitals. Medical cleaning has little to no room for error because it could affect patients and staff members.


Concerns with the disposal of waste

Again, the kind of waste varies greatly too. Disposing of documents and confidential information is important regardless of the facility, but while offices might have some amounts of bio-waste, but it’s generally safer to manage. In medical facilities like hospitals, however, there is a lot of risks when it comes to contamination, which is why bio-hazard medical waste needs to be dealt with, with extra care. Needles, human waste, blood, and other types of waste need to be disposed of with the utmost care, in the prescribed manner to prevent any sort of spread of infection.

While cleaning, it's important to focus on sanitizing and disinfecting everything.

Overall sanitation and hygiene

In high-pressure, high-risk environments like hospitals, hygiene and sanitation are the difference between life and death. Patients exposed to any bacteria, viruses, or pathogens can quickly become fatalities if their environment isn’t adequately sanitized according to extremely demanding and thorough regulations.


In the wake of COVID-19, similar rules apply to other workplaces too, but needs are slightly less stringent. Office spaces need to be cleaned to reduce and remove any bacteria and pathogens too, which is why it’s crucial to work with a commercial cleaning service that has a special policy on COVID-19. You can check out what Hatfield’s Queenan Cleaning Services has to say about theirs, or contact them to know more.


Function and purpose of cleaning

Another key difference that generally occurs is that despite the rigorous maintenance and cleaning standards, office spaces and other commercial facilities to require a level of presentability. This is especially if they’re catering to customers and clients. But medical cleaning is more focused on hygiene and functionality over form. While systems for organizing are in place there, too, they’re more pragmatic, and hygiene precedes everything else.


Though the lines between commercial and medical cleaning have been blurred as a result of the pandemic, it’s still important for both types of cleaning to be handled by knowledgeable experts, using the best equipment, cleaning products, and techniques. Contact Queenan Cleaning Services to know more about their work.

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