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How Custom Orthotics Go Well Beyond Foot Pain

Written by Nancy

Your feet lay the foundation for your body; if you have low arches, high arches, neuromas, plantar fasciitis or other foot problems, the rest of your body may suffer for it. In fact, many people experience lower back pain, leg pain, knee pain and hip pain that originates from the feet.

An orthotic, also called an insert or arch support, is a medical device that’s placed directly in the shoes to correct feet and ankle deformities and ensure joint alignment. Foot orthotics give your feet extra support; for instance, an arch support can relieve pain originating from flat feet by taking the strain off the ligaments and tendons that hold up the arch.

Unlike inserts that can be bought over-the-counter in drug stores, custom orthotics are prescribed by the doctor and are personalized to match the patient’s unique foot structure.

If you’re still wondering if custom orthotics are the right solution for you, here are 3 ways custom orthotics can help:

1.     Alleviate Foot Pain

Custom orthotics go well beyond merely cushioning your feet; they’re an effective first-line remedy for foot pain that arises from deformities. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that custom orthotics improved pain caused by patellofemoral—a common knee disorder. Not only did all 21 study participants experience a remarkable decrease in pain, but custom orthotics proved to be a conservative and effective treatment that rendered knee surgery unnecessary.

Apart from minimizing foot pain, orthotics also correct abnormalities like supination, collapsed arches and high arches.

Some other conditions that custom orthotics relieve include:

  • Bunions
  • Diabetic foot problems
  • Flat feet
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hammertoes
  • Heel and bone spurs
  • Runner’s knee

2.     Correct Pronation

Pronation is a movement of the foot that occurs when collapsed arches cause the ankle to land towards the midline of the body. This leads to increased stress on the hips, lower back, knees, and not to mention, the feet. What’s more, pronation makes individuals susceptible to knee injuries during sports.

In this case, custom orthotics provide the required arch support, relieving the stress on other joints of your body.

3.     Improve Foot Function and Enhance Sports Performance

Since custom orthotics provide full-contact support for the ankle, they reduce the risk for injuries and protect your feet against calluses, ulcers and corns—thereby improving your foot function.

Moreover, they keep your legs, feet and body well-aligned, pain free and comfortable, allowing you to perform better at sports. In fact, studies have shown that orthotics help athletes jump higher and improve their sense of body function and balance.

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