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Dance Classes Are Beneficial for Seniors – Here’s why

Written by Nancy

Regular physical exercise is vital for senior health, but that doesn’t necessarily require the elderly to spend their days in the gym and struggle with heavy duty equipment.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be torturous and boring. Dancing is an incredible form of exercise to get your body moving and help in healthy aging.

Here is a list of reasons why we think taking up dance classes is a good idea for older adults:

Physical Benefits

Dancing improves strength and muscle function in seniors. It also has a significant positive impact on a person’s cardiovascular endurance, which reduces chances of them suffering from heart diseases.

Seniors who participate in dance classes are also found to have reduced physical discomfort, which is a constant problem for elders. Furthermore, once a senior begins dance classes and stays physically active, they are bound to start feeling good about themselves and that will help them stay positive and healthy. This has a great impact of improving their quality of life and wellbeing.

Improves Balance

Dancing is an extremely beneficial form of physical activity for seniors. One of the biggest advantages is that it aids in improving balance.

This significantly reduces risks of falls in seniors’ daily lives. Research shows that seniors who took up ballroom dancing improved their balance by up to 50 percent, as this form of dance boosts brain and body strength. Furthermore, it also states that seniors who participate in ballroom dancing for about half an hour just thrice a week, for a period of three months, report much fewer falls.

Increases Social Interactions

Dancing encourages participants to enjoy and have fun with a group; it increases social interaction which is definitely a motivating boost for the elderly who enjoy company. Joining dance classes would help elders meet and connect with people their age, which would help them make friends and expand their social circles.

Furthermore, dancing also has a significant impact on maintaining positive feelings and increasing communication among patients suffering from dementia.

Cognitive Benefits

Dancing also increases brain activity, boosts the ability to process and think quicker. One study indicated that as contemporary form of dance is based on improvisation; it helps control shifts in attention, and improves concentration levels.

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