Dental Implants: 5 Signs You May Need Them

what are dental implants
Written by Nancy

Are you one of those people who are afraid to smile freely because of a missing or crooked tooth?

Are you done dealing with dentures?

Then dental implant may be the solution to all your problems.

What Are Dental Implants?

Metal frames that are implanted into your jawbone, which are later fitted with a replacement tooth. They are properly fitted in to your jawbone, inhibiting slipping and position shifting. They help secure the crown and bridge firmly in one location, providing better teeth functionality.

Let’s run-down some signs that a prime dental implant candidate might be exhibiting.

Sign #1: Chipped, Cracked Or Broken Teeth

If a restoration dental procedure can’t fix any of these problems, then you need an implant. A dentist will try and salvage as much healthy teeth as possible, but if the damage is beyond control, an extraction may be required to save the gum and other teeth. In such cases, the dentist will recommend a dental implant as a permanent fix.

Sign #2: Missing Teeth

No one likes a window in their perfect smile, and if the gap is of more than one tooth then it might actually inhibit a person from smiling.

This problem can be easily fixed with dental implants; an implant can be done for one or more tooth. The false teeth blend in nicely with your natural teeth, restoring your confidence to smile again.

Sign #3: Loose-Fitting Partial Or Dentures

If dentures are not fitted properly, it can be a cause of pain and discomfort on a daily basis. You can cater to the problem of loose fittings by investing in a permanent fix like dental implants.

They are an excellent alternative that stay firmly in place and provide high resemblance to natural teeth.

Sign #4: Bone Loss In Jaw Area

The titanium present in the implant parts, act as a bonding aid to the bone tissue, making dental implants an aid in bone loss prevention. The implants enable jaw bone growth exactly like a natural tooth root would. This entire process is called osseointegration.

Sign #5: Your Mouth Has A Sunken-In Look

Due to old age, you may experience a stagnant bone growth, but if a dental implant is placed, the bone growth will be naturally stimulated, preventing a sunken look.

Are You Showing Few Of These Signs?

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