Dental Surgery Aftercare – Important Tips for a Healthy Recovery

Dental Surgery Aftercare
Written by Nancy

Oral surgery can be required due to a number of factors.

Whether it’s a multiple tooth extraction, the exposure of an impacted tooth, or wisdom tooth removal—a fast and healthy recovery will depend on how well you take care of your dental situation.

While the aftercare for dental surgery varies a bit depending on the type of procedure, there are some common factors that remain the same.

Pain Management

While you may not find yourself to be in too much pain initially, once the anesthesia wears off, it can be a whole other story.

It’s generally a good idea to prevent pain by taking painkillers not too long after surgery, rather than wait for the anesthetic to stop working its magic. Your dentist will be the one to prescribe you the pain medication. Generally, Tylenol will be enough to manage the pain, but they might also advise you something stronger.


Soft foods and fluids are the way to go when it comes to your diet after surgery. Hard, chewy foods are only going to do more damage to the area and prevent a quick recovery. Also make sure to avoid using straws, as the suction motion can lead to the impacted area bleeding.

Bleeding and Swelling

Slight bleeding for up to a day is completely normal after oral surgery. In order to stem the flow and prevent excessive bleeding, a gauze pad is used. If you feel like you’re bleeding more than normal, then another visit to the dentist may be in order.

Warm saline water rinses a few times a day are the answer to managing swelling and residual pain.Important Tips for a Healthy Recovery

However, this should not be done at least until 24 hours after the surgery has taken place.

Oral Hygiene

You need to make sure your oral hygiene is in top shape in order for a quick recovery. Brush regularly, but make sure to avoid the damaged area and not brush directly on it, lest you reopen the wound.

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