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Derma-talk: The Dos and Don’ts of Tanning

Written by Nancy

Whether you’re tanning using natural sunlight or a tanning bed for indoor tanning, there are certain precautions that need to be taken. While tanning does boast numerous benefits both to your looks as well as to your health, going about it the wrong way can sometimes backfire.

Weather conditions up in Muskegon County, Michigan, are the way they are. Unless you’re planning on a holiday down south, the likelihood is you’re going to have to meet your tanning needs at a tanning salon! Regardless of where and how you tan, here are a few important dos and don’ts to be mindful of when it comes to tanning in order to stay safe and healthy!

The Don’ts of Tanning

It is not so much about indoor or outdoor as it is about UV exposure. Whether you’re using a tanning unit or getting your bronze straight from the sun, you’re being exposed to UV rays. Though this in doses is healthy, too much of it or tanning carelessly can be detrimental. Here are three things you should avoid to keep yourself and your skin safe!

Overdoing It

An excess of anything is as detrimental as a lack of if not more so. Tan as much as recommended by professionals who work at the salon or people specializing in fields relating to skin. Do not get excessive with your tanning or overdo the time you spend in a tanning unit or under the sun!

Try not to rock up at the tanning salon every day for extended time periods. If the professionals working at the salon advise you not to exceed a certain limit, don’t haggle with them. They know what they are doing through experience. Make sure you tan moderately and whatever you do, do not over do it!


Some of us partake in other skin treatments such as waxing and exfoliation. Though these are great on their own it is highly unadvisable to do these prior to a tanning session. Make sure you space your waxing or exfoliation sittings a minimum of one week away from any tanning session.

When you do either of the two, a fresh sensitive layer of skin is exposed. Premature and harsh UV exposure can and does damage it. Do not go near a tan bed until a week as passed since your last waxing or exfoliation treatment!

Push It

We’re all built differently. Some of us might have skin reactions in with the slightest exposure to UV rays. If that is the case with you and you’ve gotten as much as a doctors warning, don’t push it! Look into creams or other forms of tanning that might be less taxing on your health.

Don’t tan if you have been medically advised against it!

The Do’s Of Tanning

Below we have listed three practices that are beneficial for personal care and will help you make the most of your tanning session!


Protect Those Eyes

Do make sure that when you go for a tan either under the sun or to a salon, you make sure you take some form of eye protection with you. These could be simple blinders or even sunglasses. Whatever works.

Where the tanning session might be good for the rest of you your eyes are highly light sensitive. Further, eyelids are quite thin and might not provide adequate protection from the UV light for the time one would tan for.

Most reliable tanning salons will offer you eyewear or protection. Do not decline! Do use it! It’s good for you.


Moisturizing post tanning is extremely important. After extended UV exposure, it is imperative that you pay attention to your skin. Use creams and lotions that facilitate skin healing, regeneration, and health. Aloe Vera and products using this as a base are often quite beneficial and effective in returning your skin to its original elasticity.

Make sure you do moisturize after any and every tanning session. Skimp on this and you might be doing yourself more harm than good!

Use the Right Tanning Products

There are a number of products you can use to prep your skin before a tan to achieve the best possible results. Some of these products might even be sold to you at the salon you go to. If you speak to the people working there, they will probably be able to recommend the best products to suit your personal tanning needs.

Do pre-prep because a little tan pre-prep will take you a long way!


Tanning is great. It makes you look sexy, helps you feel good and facilitates vitamin D production in the body. All this, if you do it the right way! If you keep to the pointers and guide lines above, the likelihood is you won’t go wrong!

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