How Detox Drinks Work To Make You Toxin-Free Before A Drug Test

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Written by Nancy

While there are many fruit & vegetable-based detox drink recipes available, most of them are ineffective in completely detoxifying the body for a drug test.

When it comes to passing urine or saliva drug tests, we recommend an organic detox drink like Optimal Kleen. This is an all-natural body cleanse drink that is fast becoming a customer favorite.

It’s better than any other non-manufactured and manufactured toxin-expelling drink for more than one reason. From its instant-acting formula to its lasting detoxification effects, this organic drink is a leading product in the market.

Here is why Optimal Kleen is the ultimate detox cleansing drink to pass a drug test for most toxins.

Detox Drink That Masks All Toxins In Just One Hour

Not many of its competitors can claim to make the user instantly toxin-free before a drug test. In the case of Optimal Kleen, in as little as 60 minutes of drinking it, customers see noticeable results.

Due to its fast-acting formula, Optimal Kleen is preferred by individuals weighing around 300 lbs. who want to enjoy a cleansed system for a longer time, 3 hours in particular.

Has A Near Perfect Record Of Eradicating All Drug-Related Toxins

When it comes to effectively removing toxins for a drug test, the body’s system must have no lingering traces of toxins that could show positive results.

Optimal Kleen was launched after 5 years of lab testing and research to have a unique, scientifically-proven formula with a 99.99% success rate. In addition, users do not have to abstain from drugs before drinking it.

Eliminates Toxins From A Wide Array Of Drugs

The list of drugs that Optimal Kleen is effective against includes marijuana, cocaine, meth, weed, nicotine, alcohol, opiates, amphetamines and Benzodiazepines.

It’s made of natural ingredients like herbs, creatine, essential vitamins and fibers that are powerful detoxification agents and have no side-effects. The drink is also undetectable in drug tests as it doesn’t contain Golden Seal.

Easy To Prepare

Users do not have to take elaborate measures to prepare this detox drink. After drinking 32 oz. of water, simply consume Optimal Kleen after one hour. The effects are most potent between the first and second hour after use.

To ensure that all toxins are expelled, the manufacturers suggest drinking the refilled product bottle at a moderate pace and urinating at least 3–4 times after consumption.

Become Instantly Detoxified

Optimal Kleen is a popular detox drink in the market which is made with only natural products, without side-effects.

Users wanting to become toxin-free for a drug test within 60 minutes should give Optimal Kleen a try.

It’s available for worldwide shipping and retails for $59.95 only.

Order your bottle of Optimal Kleen here.

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