The Dos and Don’ts of Root Canal Aftercare

Written by Nancy

According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), more than 41,000 root canals are performed in the US each day. It is a popular dental service with over 15 million RCT performed every year.

If you’ve had an invasive dental treatment like RCT, make sure to follow a proper care plan to maintain healthy teeth.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the steps you can take to preserve your teeth post RCT.

Do: Protect Dental Crown

A dental crown is needed after a RCT to act as a protective covering for your teeth. When the decayed tooth is cleaned, it’s filled with a dental filling to protect it from bile and germs. A dental crown is added on top of the shaved tooth to restore the structure and aesthetics of the teeth.

A dental crown may last anywhere between 5 to 7 years. Proper brushing for 2 minutes and daily flossing will help prolong its life.

Do: Practice Oral Hygiene 

Make sure you practice good oral hygiene after a RCT. Don’t fall back to your bad oral habits that led to dental cavities and decay in the first place.Oral hygiene

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially before going to sleep. Use a soft toothbrush in gentle strokes to clean your teeth. Vigorous brushing will only irritate your gums and lead to bleeding.

Floss after every meal to get rid of the food particles stuck in between the teeth. Not only will this keep your dental crown clean, but it’ll also prevent cavities and the growth of bacteria.

Do Take Prescription Medicine

Follow the instructions of your dentist to stay away from toothaches and infections. Take painkillers and antibiotic medicines as prescribed by your dentist. It’ll help manage the pain, post RCT, and help with a speedy recovery.

Do Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

If you enjoy carbonated drinks with every meal, you’ll need to change your eating habits. Food and drinks that are high in sugar will rot your teeth easily. Replace your drinks with water and processed food with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Don’t Smoke

Not only is it harmful to your lungs, but smoking can slowly rot your teeth and lead to mouth cancer.

Don’t Eat Hard And Chewy Food

It’s normal to experience sensitivity and discomfort in your teeth for at last 3 to 4 days post RCT. Don’t eat hard food that requires you to bite down and chew.

Stay away from hard candies and potato chips. Eat soft food like smoothies, juices, and ice-cream to sooth the pain in your teeth.

Don’t Snack Often

If you have a habit of snacking in between meals and you like to indulge in chocolates, cookies, and other sugary items, cut down on your snack intake.

It’s difficult to brush your teeth and floss while on-the-go. It’s best to snack less than being left with an infected tooth underneath the dental crown.

Book a Dentist Appointment

If you feel any discomfort or a sharp toothache that doesn’t go away, seek care immediately!

Go to your dentist and explain your symptoms. After a thorough exam, you will be prescribed medicines and a treatment plan to tackle your dental issues.

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