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Easy Ways To Do 3D Nail Art For Kids

Written by Nancy

Nail polish has always been fun. It got even more exciting with nail art… and then 3D nail art came along and took things to a whole other level!

3D nail art involves painting, decorating and enhancing nails with ornaments. Nail art is usually created on acrylic or fake nails before it is applied on to the cuticle. Acrylic nail colors are put into a mold using a paintbrush.

Once the colors are dry and removed, they look like nail cuticles. These are then decorated with acrylic paint, crystals and anything else that sticks and makes your nail look awesome!

Of course, little girls LOVE the idea of decorating their nails but nail art can get complex – some people go to the extent of drilling holes in their acrylic nails to tie accessories through them!

No worries, there are still simple ways for kids to enjoy 3D nail art; check them out.

1) Ombre nails with nail art jewels

Ombre nails are one of the easiest ways to make your nails pretty. The idea is to add a gradient to the nail color. All you require for this is a soft sponge, the two nail colors you want to blend, a clear base coat. Create the gradient effect using a sponge and add a transparent coat for finesse. Decorate the nail with nail art jewels.


2) Nail art sequins

Using nail art sequins is another fun and simple easy way to create designs. All you need is high quality nail polish to use as a base coat and some nail art sequins. After putting on a smooth base coat, create simple designs using nail art sequins and then use gel glue to stick them onto the nail. It saves you from having to create designs using acrylic paints which require a lot of practice.

3) 3D Nail Art Stickers

Nail art stickers are the easiest solution to 3D nail art for kids for one good reason – no nail polish is involved! Nail art is tricky as it is; 3D nail art is even more complicated and time-consuming.

Nail art stickers has completely simplified the process, there isn’t a need for base coats, transparent coats, gel glue or acrylic mixtures. All you need to do is place the nail stickers onto the cuticle. Depending on the quality of the stickers, they can last a few days and can be removed without damaging the cuticle.

ShuShu Kids offers a safe and eco-friendly make up collection for kids. They provide high-quality, organic, easy to use, children’s makeup products that are much safer for kids to use than adult makeup. Their kid-friendly makeup collection consists of organic nail polish, peel-off nail polish and lip crayons.


ShuShu Kids’ 3D nail art consists of 5 different collection of designs and patterns. They have great staying power. When your child is ready to remove the designs, they can easily be unstuck.

3D nail doesn’t have to be such a hassle after all!


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