ED and the Psyche: 4 Psychological Causes of Male Impotence

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Written by Nancy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has two types: physical and psychological. Psychological impotence in men is either directly caused by a single trigger or the result of two correlating triggers.

From stress to porn addiction, here’s what might be affecting your sex drive.

1.    Stress

In England, one in eight men suffers from a mental health issue. Stress is one of the responses that may trigger these issues, which could very well snowball into a bigger, more physical problem, such as reduced life expectancy, harm to your immune system, heart problems, chronic illnesses, and impotence.

Impotence, in particular, may come about if stress ends up affecting the bodily systems involved in giving you an erection, such as hormones, blood vessels, nervous system, muscles, emotions, and so on.

2.    Estrangement

Some couples have sexual chemistry, but not much romantic chemistry. Some couples have romantic chemistry but fail to find sexual compatibility. And then there are the struggling couples, who’ve hit a rough patch in their long-term relationship, and are finding it increasingly hard to keep it out of their sex life.

Erectile dysfunction might be both a consequence and an intensifier of the issues they’ve been having, leading to a breakup that could’ve been avoided with honest communication.

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3.    Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety has a sexual aspect to it, which may come up when you’re too nervous and unsure about satisfying your partner. There’s a healthy limit to it that, once crossed, may lead to sexual dysfunction.

Just like stage fright, sexual performance anxiety is fuelled by negative self-talk along the lines of being a selfish and inconsiderate lover, which ultimately leads to a failure in getting it up.

4.    Porn Addiction

The more porn you watch, the more you’ll expect from your partner. As this goes on, you’ll find yourself deriving more pleasure from porn than you would from the stimulation involved in sexual intercourse with a partner.

In other words, you might end up with what experts call pornography-induced erectile dysfunction: a very real form of ED that emerges entirely from unreal expectations.

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