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The Emotional Side of Contracting Lice

The Emotional Side of Contracting Lice
Written by Nancy

Have you ever wondered why there is this constant paranoia regarding head lice? There’s this stigma attached by society that it is something to be ashamed of. You will hardly find anyone admitting to this fact.

Hair lice are seen commonly in children of 3 to 11 years; however, it is possible for adults to be affected by an outbreak as well.

Parents of children who have gone through or are going through an infestation find themselves embarrassed by the fact that their child has “contracted” lice.

Here are some of the emotions one may experience if they have gone through this situation.


As a parent, you feel like it’s against your values for your child to get infested with head lice. You pride yourself on cleanliness and think it impossible for your child to be part of this. This parasite is usually linked to being unclean however, that is not the case.

Stop beating yourself up. Lice spread via head-to-head contact; not poor hygiene. Your child can get lice and it is not your fault. The quicker you visit a lice clinic, the better.


Now that you’ve received THE call/notice from the school nurse, you can’t describe your emotions.

You’re beyond mortified. You’re afraid your kids will be labeled “dirty” and that other parents will instruct their kids to keep their distance from “the infected”.


Your first assumption is that you have been a bad parent. Your recklessness has caused your child embarrassment. Think rationally. Everyone has probably contracted lice at least once in their lifetime. This in itself should make you feel better. Not to forget that having lice has no lifelong effects. With breakthroughs in research, lice treatments have gotten quicker and efficient.


At some point, you will come to the realization that all of the aforementioned emotions are doing no good to you or your child.

What your kid needs is professional care. At the end of the day, when you have a treatment that can rid you of this parasite in just one sitting, is all that fretting worth it?


Learn your facts on hair lice. Cleanliness has nothing to do with your child being infected with lice. It’s just the bad luck of letting one of those bugs hopping into your hair. If you or your child goes through the misfortune of a lice infestation, fast and effective treatment is easily available at 800-403-5423 with Lice Troopers. Their lice removal clinics are based in Florida, New York, Georgia, Texas and California!

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