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Why is Enrollment in Confined Space Training Necessary?

A worker navigating his route through a tunnel
Written by Nancy

Canadian workers encounter different levels of danger at work. There’s often a significant risk when working in spaces where humans don’t usually go—confined spaces; their areas are enclosed spaces with restricted entry and exit points.

Confined spaces are not necessarily small. Silos, access shafts, manholes, and utility volts are examples of confined spaces where workers require safety training.

To avoid nasty accidents in confined spaces, it’s best to get safety training. Here are few reasons why it’s worth your time.

Preventative Knowledge

When working in a particular environment, all workers should be well aware of what preventive measures to follow in the case of hazards and foreseen events. When workers are unaware of these situations, they’re endangering their own lives and the lives of others working alongside them.

Employer Responsibility

When working on any project related to repairing or renovating any confined space, employers need to ensure all workers have the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment).

Basic safety training is mandatory for all workers on a job site. However, for working in confined spaces, special training is vital for worker health and safety.

Need of the hour

When workers are educated about what safety measures to follow in confined areas, they can identify and recognize potential hazards before they even occur. These workers are trained to use ventilation equipment and lockout and isolation equipment, and monitor air quality.

Long term Investment

It makes it possible for workers to advance in their careers. With special training for working in confined spaces, employees stand out and stay competitive when it comes to job opportunities.

With confined space training, they move beyond the average worker and become more skilled. Employers consider such workmen more valuable, improving their prospects within the company.


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