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An Essential Nutrient: 5 Ways Choline Improves Your Health

Ways Choline Improves Your Health
Written by Nancy

Initially only acknowledged by the Institute of Medicine as an important nutrient, choline is now recognized by many experts as one of the most important components needed for the proper functioning of the human body.

Choline is a water-soluble compound that shares many similarities with the vitamin B complex family. Organic nutrient serves many functions in the human body.

Here’s a short overview of some ways choline helps improve health.

1. Forms and Maintains Cell Structure

Choline plays an important role in the creation of cell membranes and structures. Without enough choline in the body, cells won’t be able to function properly or even hold their structure.

2. Improves the Central Nervous System

Choline improves the functioning of the central nervous system in many different ways, including helping in the formation of brain tissues and brain cell membranes. This enhances brain development and growth.

3. Maintains Liver Function

A study shows that people with lower levels of choline in their bodies are at an increased risk of suffering from liver damage. This is because the compound is responsible for not letting fat settle in the organ. It transports cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver to other parts of the body.

4. Enhances Memory

With age, there comes the risk of memory loss and a decline in cognitive functioning. However, if there’s an adequate amount of choline in the body, the chances of these problems can be significantly reduced. Choline keeps the mind sharp as a person ages by enhancing nerve signals and maintaining the levels of acetylcholine in the body.

5. Helps with Muscle Function

It’s believed that choline can help improve energy levels in the body. Choline is also responsible for muscle nerve functioning, as it activates the acetylcholine neurotransmitters and sends chemical signals to the muscles so they can move.

Dietary Sources of Choline

The choline compound can be obtained through a number of foods sources, as well as supplements.

Eggs, salmon, cauliflower, beef liver, chicken livers, broccoli, soybean oil, and fresh cod are some great sources of choline.

You can also obtain the nutrient through choline bitartrate caps. BlueBrainBoost offers high-quality choline bitartrate in supplements to help clients improve their health and cognitive performance.

Note: Please consult a physician before taking any supplements.

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