Exercises That Help Reduce Joint Pain

Written by Nancy

Exercise is the last thing you want to do when you’re suffering from joint pain. People assume that the more they move around, the more painful it will be for them. However, that’s not exactly how your body works.

According to the CDC, people who engage in regular exercise have improved daily functions. They also sleep better and feel better mentally. Research conducted in 2017 concluded that exercise improved overall health and reduced the severity of pain in joints.

So what are some of the exercises that can help reduce joint pain? Let’s take a look:


Swimming is an excellent exercise to stretch out your muscles and relieve joint pain. It increases your overall range of motion without putting straining your joints too much.

In fact, your muscles work 12 times harder underwater than in air and yet you don’t feel the impact.

Moving around in water is also a good way to increase the blood circulation in your muscles and joints. A study conducted on women that had rheumatoid arthritis revealed that 16 weeks of water-based exercises resulted in improvement of the functional ability of these women and reduced disease activity in the body.


Cycling is an effective workout for people who suffer from joint pain. The circular motion is not as intense for your joints, compared to the jolts you feel while jogging. A consistent cycling routine loosens stiff joints. It boosts the production of the synovial fluid in joints.

Cycling is also an effective cardiovascular exercise and it’s good for other parts of your body as well.

Weight Training

The stronger your muscles are the less strain there will be on your joints. Research too has shown that progressive resistance training over a period of six weeks has a positive impact on people who suffer from joint pain.

Start with simple weight training equipment and increase the intensity over time. Exercise three to four days in a week, focusing on all the big muscle groups of your body.


The best part about walking is that you don’t need any equipment for this form of exercise. You can do it at any time and anywhere. It’s also easy on your joints. In fact, it can also help rebuild them.

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