What To Expect At A Dental Check-up

Written by Nancy

Oral hygiene and dental care should be part of your life. If taken for granted, dental problems and gum diseases can develop which result in tooth decay, pain, and tooth loss.

Regular dental check-ups are essential. They are a great way to prevent dental problems from getting worse as they catch problems right when they start developing. Dentists also give tips to correctly care for your teeth.

If you have yet to get into the habit of booking an appointment for an annual check-up with your dentist, here’s what a regular check-up entails:

Medical history

Before the hygienist performs any procedure on you, they ask for a complete medical history, especially if it is your first time at the clinic. If you are a regular at the clinic, they will ask for updates since your last visit.

You are required to disclose any conditions you suffer from and all the medications you take. You must inform them of any allergies you have or if you suffer from anxiety too. Any medical procedures you have had done should be mentioned especially surgery.

A deep cleaning

Dental appointments include a thorough cleaning from the dentist or their assistant. They use professional instruments to scrape below the gum line to remove plaque build-up that a toothbrush can’t get to. This plaque build-up causes gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay. Depending on where you go for the check-up, the dentist could also polish your teeth for you.

An oral examination


A thorough examination of your teeth and gums is performed by the dentist. They are looking for any oral problems or early signs of disease. Their goal is to maintain or improve your oral health as a preventative measure.


Depending on your age, dental history, and symptoms, a dentist might go ahead and have some x-rays done of your mouth. X-rays help professionals with a diagnosis and give them a better look at what is going on. Damaged jawbones, tumors, cysts, abscesses, and impacted teeth can be confirmed with the help of an x-ray.

Make sure you inform the doctor if you are pregnant, x-rays are only done during pregnancy in case of emergencies.

Dental exam

A dentist will then go on to feel the jaw bones to feel for any abnormalities, swelling, pain, or tumors. They make the patients bite down to get the right feel. This procedure helps them figure out your bite and if you have any misaligned teeth.

Inspection of the groves of your teeth helps them know if there are any cracks. Such cracks develop due to jaw clenching and grinding. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 8% of adults suffer from sleep bruxism, or teeth grinding.

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