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What to Expect In a First Aid Training Course

What to Expect In a First Aid Training Course
Written by Nancy

Everyone will agree with the fact that first aid training courses are essential. They teach you how to react in case of emergencies and provide support to patients who are seriously injured.

In Canada, the law requires employers to ensure safety in the workplace. Employees are encouraged to undergo first aid training so that they are always well prepared to deal with emergencies. Here’s a look at what can be expected from these courses:


The first few days of training can be overwhelming. Procedures like CPR and Heimlich manoeuvre can be tricky and you will struggle with them in the initial stages. In order to avoid that, people do some research on their own before starting training.

That’s not necessarily a good idea because it might lead to confusion when you actually start training. All of these courses are designed for beginners to help them administer first aid. All that you really need to do is start training with a positive mindset.

Right Clothing

During these courses, it’s recommended that you wear casual clothing. You should be able to move around in these clothes.

A lot of first aid procedures require you to kneel down next to the patient therefore, if you suffer from disabilities and struggle with kneeling, you might want to avoid these courses.

Contents of the Course

Contents of the Course - First Aid Courses

The contents of the course vary but in most cases, they are a combination of theory and practical work. During these courses, you are taught how to deal with problems like bleeding, trauma and burns.

You’ll also be taught how to handle first aid equipment and comfort patients while waiting for medical assistance to arrive at the scene.

Throughout the course you’ll have a tutor by you side who will provide you with instructions. Once you have carried out all the tasks, you’ll be awarded certification.

All of these courses involve simulations of real life emergencies and these can be emotionally overwhelming for you. However, tutors will do everything they can to make things easy for you.

Don’t Just Go For Free Courses

When it comes to first aid training, people assume that they should just go for free courses. However, you wouldn’t learn all of the required skills in these courses. These courses don’t have as much depth as normal courses.

This is why you should turn to Metro Safety. They offer a wide range of first aid courses in Vancouver. You can contact them at 604-521-4227 for details regarding workplace safety courses.

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