Facts and Myths about Head Lice

Written by Nancy

It’s like an unwarranted rite of passage. At least once or twice (or more) in your life, you feel that certain itch on your scalp and when you have it inspected, it turns out to be lice. Because it’s so common, there are a lot of incorrect facts related to these nasty critters.

So to dispel them, and give you some useful information on getting rid of lice, we asked the lice specialists at Lice Busters USA to impart their wisdom!

Learning about Lice – Here’s What You Need to Know

  • There’s no lice season – Though lice outbreaks are usually common around back-to-school season and Christmas, they can spread at any time.
  • Lice are not limited to children –Adults and older adults in close proximity can also get lice.
  • Lice do not prefer specific hair or blood types –Their only need is blood to feed on, so anyone is susceptible to lice.
  • Lice do not breed faster in dirty hair –In fact, they prefer clean, groomed hair because it allows them to move easily
  • Lice don’t cause itchiness for all cases – Many do not feel any itchiness, even if they have lice. If someone in the household has lice, it’s important that you use a nit comb to check weekly.
  • Lice don’t lay eggs all over the scalp – Nits are usually found at the nape of the neck, behind the ears, on the top of your head and under your fringe.
  • Over-the-counter lice treatments aren’t effective anymore – According to numerous studies, lice have actually evolved to become resistant to the chemicals used in such treatments
  • Home remedies for lice can be dangerous –Aside from being fruitless, home remedies for lice can also be harmful to one’s health. Home remedies include mayonnaise, vinegar, gasoline, petroleum – many of which have caused allergies for people.
  • Single treatments don’t always work – This is especially true if you have a more aggressive case of head lice. You may need to get multiple treatments to get rid of them
  • Natural treatments for lice are not expensive – Natural treatments from clinics such as Lice Busters USAare quite affordable, and offer better results. Because they only use natural ingredients, they don’t need to charge more.


According to the professionals at the Pembroke Pines lice salon, the best way to get rid of lice is by seeking professional help. Only then will you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve successfully prevented and treated a lice outbreak!

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