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What It Feels Like to Be Suicidal

What it feels like to be suicidal
Written by Nancy

If you, or anyone you know, are feeling suicidal, you may be feeling excruciating pain right now, and it may seem like it will last forever. But the truth is, there are ways to cope with suicidal tendencies and thoughts and eventually overcome the pain.

How Does It Feel?

People who have suicidal tendencies always feel like they are fighting their battles alone. Most of us have had suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives, and having such thoughts does not imply that you’re crazy or you have some character flaws. It merely means that you have so much pain inside you that you are having trouble coping with it. But with the right support and enough time, you can learn to deal with it and channel your problems in a healthy way.

Generally, people who feel suicidal experience the following:

Lack of Focus

When someone feels suicidal, they easily get distracted by their thoughts and are unable to focus on any task at hand. Whether it is school work, their job, or a personal errand, their judgment will always be clouded, and their mind will be occupied with thoughts of suicide and how they are alone.

Mood Swings

Some people experience terrible mood swings. They are incredibly cheery and happy (but deep down, they know that this happiness is merely a disguise) or incredibly withdrawn and upset. Their mood is never constant.

Sadness and Withdrawal

A depressed individual will never openly admit how depressed they are, but you can notice the signs. They may seem low and withdrawn from activities they once enjoyed. They may also stop participating in family events or game nights. Thoughts of suicide make you believe that nothing in the world can make you happy.


Someone who is suicidal will try to harm themselves in one way or another. For example, teenagers and young adults usually resort to cutting themselves or using the ends of cigarettes to harm themselves. By inflicting physical pain upon themselves, they feel less emotional and mental pain. This habit could eventually lead to suicide.


Those on the verge of committing suicide usually feel guilty about a lot of things. They even feel guilty for existing in this world by referring to themselves as a burden upon everyone. They want to get rid of the guilt and all the pain it has caused them, so they decide to take their own life.

Strong Emotions

One of the critical factors that drive a person to commit suicide is the strong flashes of emotions they experience. They start to think that suicide is their only escape from it and that nobody can help them.


Many kinds of pain can lead to thoughts and eventual implementation of suicide. The reasons may be unique to all of us, and our ability to deal with them will also be different. However, there is always hope for everyone, and nobody should have to deal with these thoughts alone.


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