Fertility Issues In Men And How Naturopathy Can Help

Written by Zac Whitton

Having children is a natural process for most couples; however, it can become problematic for some. While sometimes it takes time before treatments start working and women start expecting, one important issue that often gets looked over is male infertility.

UntitledThis is because most of the time, the spotlight is on women, who seek out gynaecologist care. Men, on the other hand, hesitate to seek help or are oblivious to the problem.

What Are The Causes?

According to a study published by Andrology Australia, one in 20 men have some kind of fertility issue.

The problem lies in there being various reasons for the cause of male infertility. Ranging from different disorders and diseases, hormonal imbalance or fluctuation, to psychological issues, the problem is a complex one. It can also be a result of testicular damage. But one of the most common reasons is because of lifestyle choices:

  • Smoking: Smoking causes decrease in cell mobility and sperm count. According to a study, smoking is responsible for the death of fifteen thousand Australians annually and costs 31.5 billion dollars in economic costs.
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A common misconception is that alcohol doesn’t affect fertility. In reality, it’s the opposite. Alcohol and drug abuse are one of the most common reasons for impotence in men and for reduction in libido.
  • Tight Undergarments: Wearing semi-loose undergarments can be beneficial because tight ones increase scrotal temperature, resulting in decreased sperm production.
  • Anaemia and Stress: Deficiency of vitamin C and zinc can cause sperm count to shrink in men, resulting in infertility. According to research, rise in stress levels can also cause sperm count to decrease and result in low quality sperm due to release in glucocorticoids , A.K.A. ‘steroid’ hormones.

How Does Naturopathy Help?

Women are not the only ones who need to look after themselves when it comes to eating right, in order to get pregnant. Out of forty percent of couples who face problems with fertility, 20 to 30 percent are solely because of men. A change in lifestyle, diet and exercise can bring significant improvement in the overall health of males.

Naturopathy deals with natural remedies, foods natural remedies, foods and lifestyle changes.
Eating organic foods can boost fertility in men significantly. Here are a few changes to make to your diet:

  • Quit Smoking
  • Eat More Dry Fruits (Almonds and walnuts)
  • Drink pomegranate Juice
  • Eat pumpkin Seeds
  • Exercise

Last but not least, book an appointment with us if you’re looking for a natural fertility specialist in Brisbane.

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