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Fittest Foods to Incorporate in Your Diet

Fittest Foods
Written by Nancy

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison” – Anne Wigmore.  

They say you are what you eat. And that’s exactly why some days, we feel like a massive ball of Nutella ice cream, than the lean meat we hope to be.

But the truth is, even if we add a piece of fruit to our diet, we still won’t be healthy. Why? It’s because we’re not being smart with what we eat.

In order to become healthy and happy, we have to make sure that every bite we take of our food counts. Sure, it’s easy to give in and order pizza for lunch. But even if we convince ourselves that one slice won’t make a difference, that’s far from the truth.

The calories will add up and before we know it, all the calorie-dense foods will start affecting our body, not just weight-wise, but health-wise as well.

But the most confusing part is where to start. Which foods are the fittest and which ones should you cut out? Here’s a list to get you started:

Turkey Breast

 3-oz per serving contains 72 calories. Eat 3 days a week.

If you buy turkey breast that is skinless, you get 7 grams of muscle-building protein. It’s rich in cancer-fighting selenium, has Vitim B, and zinc (that helps boost sperm production). It also has tons of amino acids.

One of the best things about turkey breast is that it’s one of the most versatile cuts, so you can easily get it in the market, and not have to worry about having the same thing twice.

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Meats to avoid: According to a study published by Plos, consumption of processed red meats such as bacon and hot dogs increased the chances of Colorectal Cancer.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. This means that those who have heart problems will benefit greatly from cooking with olive oil. It’s also excellent for sprinkling on salads. You can replace lard/butter for olive oil when you’re cooking for frying foods.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it excellent for helping reduce swelling and pain in joints.

Types of oils to limit: According to a study published by the Arthritis Foundation, oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids like sunflower, safflower, soy and vegetable should be limited.

Black Beans

Black beans are rich in fiber which means that they will help you feel full throughout the day. They also have high amounts of complex carbohydrates that take a while to convert to energy.

They have more fiber than any other member of the legume family, and they are rich in proteins. Unlike certain types of meats, they don’t contain saturated fats.


There’s a reason why eggs are recommended to those who weight lift. Having one egg a day is okay. Eggs are rich in muscle-building amino acids. They’re also excellent for improving memory, boasting one of the highest amounts of a vitamin called ‘choline’.

They’re also considered the gold standard for providing all the nutrients to those who weight lift.

In order to successfully tread the path of a healthy, happy life, we have to acquire a good food education. Learning about different foods is the key to avoiding unhealthy, processed products.

Nutritional coaching can also help you learn how to avoid processed foods and maintain a healthy, happy life. On The Go Fitness Pro offers in-home training and online courses in nutritional coaching. Meet with a personal trainer and get started today!


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I’m Nancy and no, I didn’t always look like I do in that picture on the right. My foray into health and fitness began as a brace-faced, 16 year-old who was too afraid to wear a two-piece at the beach because I felt my body paled in comparison to my much more toned friends.

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