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Flat Feet—Why It’s More Than Just A Foot Problem

A Foot Problem
Written by Nancy

A misaligned or flat foot is a common problem around the world. The condition greatly affects the quality of life of the affected individuals, leading to a number of complications.

Flat feet in children are a result of the underdeveloped feet arches. Newborns and toddlers often have this condition, but their foot bones align properly by the time they’re around 6 years old.

For adults, the term “fallen arches” is often used to describe the condition. It refers to the loosening of connective tissues like ligaments and tendons in the ankle. This results in a structural alteration of the arches, leading to flat feet.

Why is Flat Feet a Problem?

Flat feet affect more than just the structural appearance of your feet. It impacts the health of your feet as well, creating multiple challenges for you along the way.

First and foremost, it makes it difficult for you to stand for too long, let alone walk or run.

Since the arches have shock absorbing properties, the lack of these impacts how gravitational stress is distributed in your body. This in turn affects the lower body joints in the knees, hips, ankles, and your lower back.

In addition to this, feet misalignment also affects your posture. Since flat feet change the way you walk, they influence the way various   bones, joints, muscles and tendons are loaded during  movement.

For instance, your knee and hip joints may be provoked into tilting in an unnatural position as you walk, adding stress not only to those joints, but also to the spinal structure. This constant stress on the back then leads to a poor posture and pain.

Using Orthotics to Relieve Flat Feet Pain

One of the ways you can alleviate flat feet is through using orthotics. These are special devices customized to fit under your feet and encourage the correct bone alignment.

Extra Cushioning

Orthotics can be inserted easily inside your shoes. This provides cushioning for the heel and the mid-foot, which is otherwise left in an uncomfortable position.

Supports the Entire Foot

In addition to cushioning, orthotics also provide feet stability. This allows you to have control over your movements. Since the entire foot is supported, you can walk with much more ease without causing undue stress on the other structures mentioned above.

Maximum Support Right at the Arches

Since the major cause of flat feet is the lack or collapse of arches, you need a tool that can provide support to this specific region in your feet. Orthotics do just that, targeting the right area and elevating them for improved movement.

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