Fun Ways To Teach Kids How to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Visually Pretty
Written by Nancy

With the scorching weather just around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning summer activities for your kids. One of the biggest challenges parents face during this period is making sure their child is staying hydrated during the heat, whether it’s through ice lollies, juices, or milk beverages.   

Don’t worry; we’ve got a few ideas for you!

Make It Visually Pretty

Kids love colorful and fancy objects, especially when it comes to snacks. Use this in your favor and incorporate unique and colorful patterns in your drinks and icicles.

For instance, you can add a few drops of concentrated grape juice when freezing ice molds for a deeper color. Similarly, popsicles can be created using different shapes and molds to make them more appealing. The rainbow popsicle is another great idea to appeal to kids, with its layers of colors and flavors.

It doesn’t stop there!  The more visually appealing the beverage is, the more likely your kids are to drink it. Even if they’re having plain water, you can add a lemon slice and a few mint leaves to their cup. Eco-friendly straws and tiny umbrellas are another decorative item you can use to your advantage. Or simply adding wacky shaped ice cubes can tempt them into having the drink. Get creative!

Turn It into a Game

Who said drinking games are only for adults? You can easily make a fun water or juice drinking game with your little one and beat the heat while you’re at it!


This can be done in several ways. For instance, you can play it while watching a Marvel movie. Every time Captain America comes up with a new plan or Thor summons his hammer, you both get to take a few sips. You can even include it in your regular indoor games. Every time they land on your Monopoly property or somebody makes an incorrect guess in Hangman, a drink is in order.


Another way to ensure your kid is getting enough H2O on a regular basis is by accessorizing the drink containers. You can invest in sturdy water bottle that has your child’s favorite Disney character on it, or buy a few plastic glasses with fancy fonts and cute drawings printed on them. Kids are possessive about their belongings, and if they have their own customized cutlery, they’re going to want to use them even more.

Alternatively, you can upcycle old containers for the purpose. Get crafty with your child, and redecorate glasses and water bottles together for a more personalized utensil.

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