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Gastric Bypass Hypnosis: Why it is Much Safer than the Physical Procedure

Written by Nancy

Gastric bypass hypnosis provides all the benefits of the physical procedure at a fraction of the cost and without any of the associated risks.

Here’s why gastric bypass hypnosis is a much safer alternative for those who’re considering surgery:

1) It’s non-invasive

Gastric bypass is a terribly invasive procedure. It involves reducing the size of the stomach and limiting the absorption of calories that cause weight gain.

Even though gastric bypass surgeries have become more common than they were before, there are still major risks associated with such an invasive procedure. Gastric bypass surgeries can cause excessive bleeding, infections, blood clots, and other serious health issues.

If you’re looking to lose weight without risking the adverse effects of a physical bypass procedure, opt for virtual gastric bypass hypnosis which eliminates the need to go under the knife and expose yourself to the health risks.

2) Reduces chances of long-term complications

Your stomach is a major organ; any change it undergoes has a direct impact on the rest of the body and your bloodstream too.

Gastric bypass can cause long-term complications including diarrhea, dumping syndrome, nausea or vomiting, gallstones, stomach perforation, hernias, malnutrition, and many more.

In a virtual gastric bypass procedure, the stomach isn’t physically affected, therefore, the rest of the body isn’t impacted either.

3) No recovery needed


After a gastric bypass procedure is completed, patients are asked to take precautions to prevent infections and injuries to the affected area. Generally, patients are asked to stay at the hospital for at least 3 days before they’re discharged. It takes between 3–5 weeks for patients to resume their usual activities after a gastric bypass procedure.

Gastric Bypass Hypnosis

Gastric bypass hypnosis is a non-invasive technique that uses the power of hypnosis to reprogram the brain into being satisfied with smaller portions of food.

Gastric bypass hypnosis happens over a few sessions. In each session, the hypnotist will put the client in a state of hypnosis and take clients through the steps of an actual gastric bypass procedure.

After the sessions are over, the clients are convinced that they have actually undergone gastric bypass surgery and are satisfied with eating less food.

Keep in mind that gastric bypass hypnosis does not provide immediate results; retraining your brain takes several hypnosis sessions. For better results, you’ll need to reinforce hypnosis sessions with self-hypnosis.

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