Genetic Testing and Benefits of Diet and Fitness Optimization Testing

Genetic Testing
Written by Nancy

Over the past decade, genetic testing has significantly grown in popularity. According to the estimates provided by Statista, the global direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing market will be approximately worth $340 million by 2022. Currently, the size of worldwide genetic testing in terms of US Dollars is $220 million whereas it was $54 million in 2014.

One of the biggest contributors behind the steady rise has been the introduction of online digital platforms. In 2019, MIT Technology Review revealed that more than 26 million people all over the world, have purchased testing kits and the number can touch 100 million by 2021.

How Does Genetic Testing Relate to Health and Fitness?

Apart from the interest in ancestry and genetic details, public health concerns have also played a part in surging the popularity of DNA and genetic testing.

The genetic markers revealed from the test can offer you insight into the possibility of developing genetic diseases, overall health, body process, nutrients and even fats and vitamins.

With more exclusive options, you can find anything from siblings, relationships and native ancestry details to breast cancer screening and fitness optimization testing.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Fitness Optimization Test?

If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness levels, fitness optimization tests are ideal for screening muscle potential and understanding your body’s stamina. With an expert, you can figure out the right diet, exercise plan and nutritional needs as well as adjust your diet and fitness based on metabolic factors.

Here are three things you can achieve from genetic and fitness optimization testing.

Early Detection of Hereditary Health Conditions

Your genes determine certain body and health traits. Genetic disorders are one of them. If you have any underlying health conditions that you don’t know about, they can get in the way of your fitness journey.

With the test results, you can work your way around these health issues and optimize your exercise routines accordingly.

Adjustment of Diet Plan

The fitness optimization test can also reveal your eating behaviors and how you respond to certain foods. The results are crucial in determining the most beneficial diet for your body, be it a balanced diet, or low carbs.

Health Supplements

You can also adjust or start on health supplements if the diet alone isn’t enough to achieve your fitness goals.

Determining Exercise Routines

All of us have unique body structures and endurance/strength level. A variety of factors determine how our body responds to certain exercises, and genetic testing can screen you for that.

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