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Getting Healthy Sleep: Why You Need It and How

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Written by Nancy

Just like mineral supplements and vitamins, sufficient sleep is also the need for a healthy body. Lack of sleep, irregular sleeping routines, or disturbed sleep can result in both physical and mental problems. Not getting one day’s sleep may make you cranky the next day. However, if it continues to be a norm, the consequences are far worse than a grumpy mood.

As per CDC guidelines, children of all ages require a minimum of 11 hours of sleep every day. Adults between the ages of 18-64 need approximately seven to nine hours of sleep to function well.

What is Healthy Sleep?

A sound sleep or healthy sleep merely does not define the number of hours slept at night. It also depends on the quality of sleep, continuity, and physical comfort. A restless night where you keep tossing in the bed or an interrupted sleep where you are up every half an hour does not mean healthy sleep.

Why is Healthy Sleep Needed?

Your body is as much dependent on sleep as it is on food and nutritional supplements. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine can help with the following aspects of your physical wellness.

Higher Productivity and Cognitive Abilities

Various researches suggest that lack of sleep results in poor cognitive abilities, delayed responses, and lowered productivity. Sleeping enough helps you stay alert and energized the next day.

Better Heart and Health

It is noted that during sleep, a human heart rests and blood sugar drops, allowing the body to reset. By sleeping well at night, you are contributing to the health of your heart and preventing Diabetes type 2.

Emotional Wellbeing

According to a study, at least 90 percent of people with depression have reported a lack of sleep. Healthy sleep helps not only your body but also your emotional health.

How to Get Healthy Sleep?

Here are some tips recommended by sleep experts to acquire a good night’s sleep.

  1. Soothing and peaceful environment
  2. Comfortable bed
  3. No lights or screens
  4. Exercise during the day
  5. Light meals in the evening
  6. Fixed sleep schedule

Start Sleeping Healthy

In addition to the tips to sleep well at night, one also needs to take care of their physical wellbeing. Often artificial diets, inadequate nourishment and high sugar intakes result in disrupted sleep patterns. To ensure that you sleep well and function better, incorporate premium nutritional supplements into your diet.

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