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Giving Olive Leaf Extract to Kids—A Discussion

Olive Leaf Extract
Written by Nancy

It’s the season of sniffles, and unfortunately, your kids are showing all the signs of a full blown cold and throat infection!

How do you treat it, though?

Going with over-the-counter medication and some good ol’ fashioned chicken noodle soup might just do the trick. But given that this option takes a long time to work, you might want to go for an alternative, to treat your kid!

How About Olive Leaf Extract?

There are plenty of medical studies that prove the potency of olive leaf extract.

An effective supplement that’s known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities, among other benefits, olive leaf extract is perhaps one of the best alternative medicines you could use to treat your child’s ailment.

However, keep in mind that like any medical product, olive leaf extract should be used with caution. So here are some details that will help you use it more effectively.

Using Olive Leaf Extract for Children

It’s recommended that you follow a doctor’s prescription when measuring the dosage for olive leaf extract. When administering it, here’s what you should be aware of:

  • Only use tinctures for children over the age of one.
  • If you’re using capsules, opening them up and measuring out fractional doses is possible, but only if it’s a smaller dosage capsule, and if your child is below six years of age.
  • Liquid olive leaf extract is the best option by far. It can be mixed with water or even fruit juice, and can be given in small doses.
  • If you’re using olive leaf extract for sickness, always start the dosage with the minimum amount and work your way up if the dose doesn’t prove to be effective.
  • The time olive leaf extract takes to work depends on the sickness. Your child can stop taking OLE if they feel better.
  • Olive leaf extract should be taken between meals; otherwise, the supplement may lose its effectiveness.

Buying Olive Leaf Extract Online

Efficacy varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be wary when searching for a source for your olive leaf extract.

When buying online, always seek a trusted brand, like My Olive Leaf. This way, you’ll be assured of its quality and the efficiency of its oleuropein content.

And just be sure to follow your doctor’s orders. Use the right products to improve your children’s health and wellbeing!

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