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A Guide On How To Prevent Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

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Written by Nancy

Varicose veins have long been considered a condition that is mostly associated with women. Although it can also occur in men, up to 30% of varicose veins cases were found in women. Varicose veins are particularly common in women who have had two or more pregnancies.

There are certain changes that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy that increases their risk of developing varicose vein, through no fault of their own. As in some cases, varicose vein symptoms can cause severe discomfort, it’s important to learn about ways to prevent or reduce the risk of varicose veins.

Pregnancy and varicose veins — what’s the link?

Pregnancy can take a toll on the body, but one change that can particularly be a source of discomfort for women is varicose veins. Due to the increase in progesterone during pregnancy that causes the veins to relax during pregnancy, varicose veins start to develop because the blood doesn’t flow as effortlessly through the veins as it normally would. This increase in pressure makes them vulnerable to varicose veins.

Additionally, there’s also a dramatic increase in the volume of blood during pregnancy. That can strain the vein valves and be directly linked to the development of vein. Moreover, due to the added pressure from the uterus, veins present in the legs prevent optimum blood flow, which can be another cause of varicose veins in pregnant women.

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How to prevent varicose ways during pregnancy

Even though in some cases, the development of varicose veins may be unavoidable. There are certain ways to reduce the risk of varicose vein. It tend to occur more in overweight individuals, and as women gain weight during pregnancy. So do the chances of the development of varicose veins.

However, weight gain during pregnancy is natural; it’s vital that you watch your weight. And avoid gaining too much weight in a short period. Furthermore, avoid wearing high heels throughout your pregnancy as they prevent your vein from working in optimal condition. Another sure-fire way to reduce the risk of varicose vein is by making a habit of wearing compression stocks as they improve blood circulation and prevent swelling.

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