Is Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation Right For You?

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation Right
Written by Nancy

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation is a dry-needling technique often used to treat myofascial pain.  Gunn IMS helps in releasing muscle shortening, providing relief from pain.

Ideal Candidates for Gunn IMS

While Gunn IMS may be used by mostly anybody, the following are the ideal candidates for this treatment:

  • Individuals with persistent neuropathic pain
  • Individuals for whom physiotherapy treatments were ineffective

How It Works

The process involves inserting a thin needle directly at the muscle that has tightened. You may experience a cramp-like or twitching sensation when this happens, as a result of the muscles contracting around the needle.

Following this dull sensation, you’ll immediately feel your muscles relax. Since the muscle receptors are stimulated, they’ll stretch and relax naturally. The tightness of the muscles you’d had experienced up till this point will often start to dissipate.

When Do You Need It?

If you suffer from chronic pain in the neck, legs, and lower back, , then Gunn IMS may be the right option for you. Similarly, if the musculoskeletal pain is recurring and hasn’t responded well to other treatment methods, it might be time to revert to this form of healing.

Sometimes, chronic pain continues to persist even after you’ve sufficiently stretched your muscles and received a sports massage. The muscle tissues may develop tight bands within their structure, causing you more pain rather than relief when you compress them. The nerves passing through those muscles are often usually irritated, resulting in neuropathic pain.

Additionally, when these tight muscles intersect with the joints, it may cause even more stiffness by minimizing joint mobility. This sensitivity and shortening of the muscles can lead to a number of musculoskeletal conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, and bursitis.

When Do You Need It

In these circumstances, Gunn IMS can significantly help in reducing the inflammation of your muscles. The approach focuses on first uncovering the root of the problem and then treating the relevant regions. This makes it an extremely effective treatment option for providing long term relief.

Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute clinics offer Gunn IMS therapy, acupuncture, and active release techniques for a treating myofascial pain.

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