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Do My Hair and Scalp Need Sun Protection?

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Written by Nancy

Sunscreen remains a summer essential. But while you make sure to shield your face and body from the blistering rays of the sun to avoid wrinkles and sunburns, what about your hair? Does it also need protection from the sun?

There’s no point debating, because the results are in and sun protection for your hair is essential! Countless studies stress the harmful effects of UV rays on your sensitive scalp. So, what can you do to keep your scalp and hair healthy and well protected?

Throw On A Hat

You can still have a chic beach outfit when paired with a tan sun-hat. Not only are you wearing an on-trend accessory, but you’re also protecting your scalp from harmful rays!

The most cost-effective and quick sun-protecting intervention on a hot summer day is covering your head with a hat or cap. Headcovers help shield your scalp from harsh UV rays that could be harmful to scalp health. A wide brimmed hat is a bonus, since it protects both your scalp and your face from sunburn.

Although a quick fix, it’s best not to make wearing hats a permanent solution. Prolonged use can cause you to sweat from the heat, which could irritate your scalp. So, use hats and caps with caution, and fan out your head now and then!

Hair Sunscreen

It’s a nice warm day at the beach. You plop down on your towel, facing the waves, and apply sunscreen for protection. You use it on your arms, legs, back, but wait, that’s it? Sunscreen on your scalp is just as important!

Sunscreen for your hair totally exists, and you should definitely make sure you carry it around with you. Usually available in the form of a spray, the sunscreen can be spritzed on your hair to form a protective layer. The extra layer prevents UV rays from penetrating your hair and targeting your scalp.

Hair Masks

If you’re worried that summer hair damage has already been done, then hair masks can help mitigate the harmful effects.

Hair masks provide moisture to your scalp. Additionally, the summer heat opens up your scalp’s pores, and while that may seem concerning, you can take advantage of this and apply a hydrating mask so your scalp can soak up all the goodness!

A Fresh Start

It’s never too late to start taking care of your hair. Yes, even if you find yourself worried about bald patches, there is always a solution. At Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation, the clinic offers a non-surgical and painless hair loss treatment for men and women. The treatment adds pigment to your bald patches and makes your hair appear more voluminous.

You can avail their scalp micropigmentation services and adopt these helpful scalp protecting tips on the side to experience the best and most long-lasting results. Contact them today for more information.

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