Handle Your Stress With Exercise

Written by Nancy

Do you hit the bed when you are tired or overloaded with work? Do you believe that sleep is the ultimate cure for your muscle knots and stress?

Well, you might be wrong.

Your body needs mobility, and not the stressful march that you do in the grocery store. It requires mindful actions that enable the body to release stress, and this objective can be easily achieved with exercise.

To understand the necessity of exercise in your life you need to understand the relation between stress and exercise.

Increase The Production Of Endorphins

Endorphins –feel good hormones – are produced in high numbers when you exercise. On the other hand, increased amount of stress promotes the flow of cortisol, which is bad for your body. High level of endorphins elevate your mood and rectify the detrimental impact that cortisol created. So, a basket ball or tennis match is a good idea if you are stressed out for the day.

Increase Focus By Mediating Tension

Exercise brings focus in life, as you concentrate on the physical activity alone, and use it to channel your tensions and stress. This rids your body of aches and knots and enhances your ability to focus.

Brighten-Up Your Mood

Exercise provides an outlet to your stress and boosts your confidence. This helps improve your mood and mitigate pains and aches in your body. Apart from this, the increase in production of endorphins will also help fight depression and anxiety.

Since you have learnt the various benefits of exercise it’s time to know the different types of exercises that are helpful in managing stress.

Exercises For Stress Release Stress Exercise


Most of the yoga poses focus on muscle strengthening, and improving your flexibility and endurance capability. This improves your blood circulation which helps in strengthening your immune system and endorphin production. All this allows you to release stress.Yoga

Apart from this, the breathing and stretching yoga poses triggers the relaxation mechanism in your body which helps you cope with stress.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi links physical mobility with breathing process. It originated in China and posses many characteristics of their ancient martial arts. Tai Chi helps improve focus through breathing exercise and allows a person to let go of their worries by solely focusing on the present. It provides improved, flexibility, cardio health, balance, and stress relieve.


WalkingWalking is a form of exercise that can easily be incorporated in your lifestyle; all you need is a pair of running shoes. It helps control blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Walking increases your breathing and keeps your legs and arm in motion. This activity improves blood flow and reduces stress level.

Circuit Training

Circuit TrainingCircuit training is an incorporation of both, weight lifting and cardio exercise. This combination does not only keep your body fit, but also improves stamina and reduce stress levels with the help of increased endorphin levels.


It’s a physical activity that focuses on specific areas of your body, and works towards improving core strength and posture. Similar to yoga, Pilates improves focus and lengthens your muscles. All this movement rids your body of tensions and knots, and with the help of endorphins it keeps you in a good mood.

Top It Of With A Massage Therapy

Physical movement is necessary for your body, but so are relaxation and a calm environment. If you are functioning in a highly stressful environment, it’s necessary to treat your body with massage therapy. The kneading and compression reduces the knots present in the muscles. And with hand movement your body in rejuvenated due to improved blood flow.Massage Therapy

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