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What Happens When You Ignore Root Canal Treatment

Written by Nancy

Dental procedures are carried out for many reasons, but the two main ones are:

  1. To save your tooth from falling out
  2. To provide you with relief from a toothache

A root canal treatment serves both these purposes. According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), more than 15 million root canal treatments are performed every year, just in the US. In fact, 41,000 are carried out every day!

The same report also states that around 15% of American patients avoid seeking treatment for oral health issues because of myths and misconceptions they have.

In this post, we will lay out the root canal process in detail to clarify any confusions regarding it:

The pain worsens

The sole purpose of root canal therapy is to reduce pain symptoms. Most people assume that the process is painful, and thus, they opt out of it. In reality, the treatment alleviates long-term pain.

Modern dentistry also involves techniques like local anesthesia and sedation that make the process painless.

A dentist recommends a root canal treatment if there is an infection in the root canal of your teeth. This area is right below the gums. When it gets inflamed, the teeth lose their source of nutrients, leading to a decline in health and pain.

As per the AAE, your teeth might feel mildly uncomfortable for the first couple of days, but the pain will alleviate in the long run. On the other hand, delaying the treatment will worsen the pain.


You’ll lose the tooth

Your dentist will recommend a root canal treatment if your teeth are sensitive to cold temperatures, the gums are tender or painful, or if the lymph nodes appear swollen. If these symptoms are ignored, the infection will gain momentum and the tooth will eventually fall off!

The loss of one tooth paves the way for a suite of other related problems, including periodontal disease, biting problems, and tooth decay.

It won’t get better on its own

The symptoms of a root canal infection don’t happen without reason. They’re always indicative of a bigger problem that needs immediate medical attention.

A root canal treatment is needed if the soft tissue inside your root canal is inflamed, or if the pulp has been damaged as a result of tooth injury. Both of these situations are serious and don’t go away by taking over the counter medication.

The dentists at Waterfront Family Dentistry don’t want you to lose your precious smile because of a treatable tooth infection. If you’re based in Frisco, Texas, book an appointment with us now. Call at 972-987-4343 to learn more about our dentistry services.

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