Head Lice Infestation In Children: What to Do And What Not To Do

Written by Nancy

Does your child have lice in their hair? Lice can be a major source of stress for parents. The tiny parasites are itchy and annoying. If not treated, lice can spread to others.

If you suspect that your child has lice, take the following steps to deal with the situation, before you get that dreaded phone call from their school:

Do your research

First off, you need to make sure if your child has lice or nits. The difference between lice and nits is that nits are smaller than lice.

Nits (louse eggs) have a light brownish, yellow or white color. They stick to the hair like glue. On the other hand, louse has six legs and crawls along the hair strands. They are as big as a sesame seed.

Check your child’s hair in bright light, preferably under day light. Common signs of lice include an itchy scalp, sores on head due to scratching and a moving sensation in the hair. Divide your child’s hair in various parts and check their scalp. Pay attention to their neck and the area behind the ears.

Do not panic

Having head lice doesn’t mean your child is unwell or unhygienic. As a matter of fact, lice live in clean and dirty hair.

Although lice are not known to cause or transmit disease, untreated lice infestation can lead to open sores and an infection. Removal is the only solution when it comes to dealing with lice.

Keep in mind, lice infestation is very common! From children to pets, no one is immune to lice.

Don’t waste your money on over-the-counter treatments

Over-the-counter lice removal products can kill lice. But, they contain many harmful chemicals that can cause a great deal of damage to a child’s hair and health.

If home remedies are your choice of treatment, they offer respite for some time. Home remedies are not strong enough to get rid of nits.

Get help

Your child’s head lice won’t go away on their own. You will need assistance from a professional lice removal company, such as Lice Busters USA to remove lice from your child’s hair.

Lice Busters offers a wide range of services, including lice inspection and removal, in Miami Beach.  The company uses natural, safe and effective products and techniques to remove lice in no time! Schedule an appointment now to seek the best lice treatment in Miami Beach.

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