Heal Joints And Tissues With Prolotherapy

Written by Nancy

Muscle and joint pain can hold you back in life. Simple tasks like walking down the stairs can become a painful ordeal, when you can literally hear your bones cracking as you move. This treacherous pain is caused by damaged ligaments and tendons, but worry not we have an injectable pain relief for you. So, before you start worrying about its efficacy and safety, let’s get to know what Prolotherapy has to offer.

What Is It?

Prolotherapy is a treatment plan for damaged ligaments and joints. It includes injecting a solution of 5-25 percent of glucose, lignocaine (an anaesthetic), and salt water (saline) in the surrounding areas of damaged ligaments or joints.

How Does Prolotherapy Works? 

It boosts the healing process, by increasing the production of collagen in your body. The newly produces collagen matures overtime, restoring strength to the injured ligaments. This causes the ligament to attach firmly with bones, increasing their strength to 30-40 percent.

To treat joint pain, these injections are used to increase the cartilage production. Enhancement in growth process improves the body’s healing capacity and provides ease and relaxation to the users.

How Many Injections Will You Need?

Prolotherapy in CalgaryThe number of injections administered depends on a person’s condition, but usually clients receive 3 to 30 injections. These injections are distributed throughout the treatment plan; you might be injected with 4 to 10 injections after a gap of 2-3 weeks.

What Conditions Does This Therapy Treats?

  • Its treats multiple pains and injuries subjected to your body like, chronic foot or back pain, lower limb pain, hip pain, joint pain, and knee pain.
  • It also help improves balance and stability issues in your body.
  • It can be used to treat post surgical and arthritis joints.
  • It can also be used to treat acute and chronic injuries, frozen shoulders and cuff injuries, and damaged cartilage.

Can Anyone Get It? 

In order to get prolotherapy a complete diagnosis is required by your physician. With the help of diagnostic images the physician will decide the joint or ligament area that needs to be treated and will also provide you the expected success rate of your treatment.

Treatment Precautions

Your therapist will combine prolotherapy with other massage or chiropractic therapy to reduce the side-effects like stiffness. All in all, this procedure can be quite effective and painless if administered by an expert.

Who Performs It?

Prolotherapy should be performed by trained and experienced professionals. Therefore, ask for credentials before you start your healing process.

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